How can I recover my life again if I have already died internally because I believe that I have nothing and can not do anything in my life?

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Abhijat, you have not died internally. I know this by the mere fact of you asking the question, and succinctly at that.

The first thing to do is take charge.

Stop feeding yourself negative messages – you are only adding to the vortex of emotion you are going through. Don’t indulge any further in seeing the worst side of yourself. Bring back some peace and calm to that ocean within you. [ How can I recover my life again ]

By the same token don’t buy into others opinion of you unless it is constructive and encouraging.
Secondly, to counter this situation, you must build up your strength from within. You have to rebuild your confidence in yourself.

Take small steps to begin with. With each success give yourself a pat on the back. You are a worthy human being and you need to tell yourself that.

Make sure you are getting good food, good exercise, good laughter and good friends in your life. If no friends then do it by yourself until you attract friends back into your life.

Also consider pondering some of the bigger questions regarding your life – and life more broadly. We live in a remarkable situation on a planet moving through space. We sometimes forget where we are.
In my view we sometimes forget we are spiritual beings.

I hope this is of some benefit :0) [ How can I recover my life again ]

Speaking of confidence and attraction: I’d recommend you consider using self-hypnosis to help build your strength (have a look at this link), and also take a read of my FREE ebook, Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace. It’s available at Amazon and most online stores. Or get it off my website.

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