I’m an atheist. I see no reason to believe in any of the spiritual rubbish you are covering here. What’s your answer to that? (A.T.)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoNot much! You are of course entitled to your viewpoint A.T. [ no reason to believe the rubbish here ]

I will say this though. It sounds to me a bit like you are not quite so certain of your own beliefs. Otherwise why would you feel the need to read this “rubbish” and ask your question the way you have.

Look, when I was in my twenties I held a view on life probably not disimilar to yours. I was quite outspoken (on my existentialist views) too. I think now, on looking back, it was probably very healthy that I held such views. [ no reason to believe the rubbish here ]

Each to their own

I was raised as a Catholic. I rebelled against that upbringing, initially in a teenage rebellion but later in seeking my own version of what to believe. One could say that I’ve come full circle in now accepting a spiritual reality to life. But this is belief without the shackles of orthodox religion.

I actually believe some religions need revising, updating as they are already getting out of step with the direction of travel of human life – which I anticipate will become much more manifest going forward.

Being an atheist ain’t so bad

So, from my own experience, I think it is kind of healthy to hold secular views at this time. It can help undo the mythology of orthodox religion, as I see it. [ no reason to believe the rubbish here ]

But keep an open mind that neither science or religion have a monopoly on the truth. Leave the door ajar on “spirituality.” It is often said, “the truth is out there.” I’d say there is a greater truth within to be discovered. [ no reason to believe the rubbish here ]

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