How many separate reports or observations have to be logged, before a UFO sighting warrants any action at the local, state or federal level? If this minimum threshold is met, what action is taken and by whom?

New Q & A iconInteresting question – but not an easy one to answer. [ How many UFOs logged to warrant action ]

Although I am hugely interested in UFOs (having seen them) I’m not the authority to answer this particular question.

To answer this, you need to contact an organisation such as:
UK: BUFORA British UFO Research Association
US: MUFON Mutual UFO Network


I will say this however, thousands of UFO sightings have already been logged and so far nothing at the local, state or federal level (or government level here in the UK) has or will be done to affirm they (extraterrestrials) exist – until that is a tipping point is reached and “denial” is no longer a viable option. [ How many UFOs logged to warrant action ]

This can’t be long now. As you’ll probably anticipate, there has been an upsurge in reports since we all started using mobile devices.

Make no mistake, governments are interested in UFOs.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure I read that the French Government is maybe taking a different line of approach, and actively pursuing a UFO agenda, with intention of notifying their public.

I hope this helps.

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How many UFOs logged to warrant action ?

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