Is Ophiuchus fake like the 12 other zodiac signs in astrology?

Is Ophiuchus fake like the 12 other zodiac signs in astrology?

Is Ophiuchus fake like the 12 other zodiac signs in astrology? This is a question I answered on Quora.

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When having a go at astrology, one of the arguments that astronomers and sceptics love to drag up, is the constellation of Ophiuchus. It being the 13th constellation along the ecliptic belt – thus challenging the traditional twelve constellations of astrology.

And now you question if it is “fake.” Get out of here! That is blasphemous. Astronomers will be on your tail for doubting their wisdom.

Ophiuchus is not fake

Ophiuchus is not fake. Unless you want to argue that all constellations are fake. They are afterall human-made patterns of stars to help us identify a piece of the night sky. The stars involved do not necessarily have any relationship with each other – and can be a huge number of light years apart.

Neither are the 12 zodiac signs

The ancient Greeks (via the astronomer, Ptolemy) listed 48 constellations in the night sky – with 12 of these being along the ecliptic, making up the zodiac signs – that you also question if fake (and no they are all real and acceptable constellations).

During the 1930s the International Astronomical Union (IAU) revised up this listing to 88 constellations. See The Constellations.

Constellations on the ecliptic | 600x96 image

And out of this revision, it argued for Ophiuchus being the 13th constellation along the ecliptic – with the constellation jutting in at Scorpio. If you look at the illustration above you will see that Scorpius (Scorpio) in any case wraps around Ophiuchus to link up with Sagittarius – that does it for me.

Ophiuchus used to be called the Serpent Bearer which seems fitting in the way it is so often used to undermine astrology.

Mad astrologers

With all the noise about Ophiuchus, one or two astrologers began fitting it into their zodiac scheme. To me this is barmy and demonstrates a lack of understanding of the basics of astrology.

Astrologers in the know retain the 12 constellations (if they are using the sidereal zodiac that is, and not the tropical zodiac), as astrology is built on the number 12 (that emerges out of the signs matrix) and not how many constellations are now deemed to live along the ecliptic.


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