Is modern astrology just another pseudoscience? Why or why not?

Is modern astrology just another pseudoscience? | New Q & A iconOriginal question: Do you believe modern astrology has any sort of legitimacy or is just another pseudoscience? Why or why not?

Question asked by Michelle Y. Is modern astrology just another pseudoscience?

Part of my answer really hinges on what you mean by “astrology.”

I’m going to assume by your question that you haven’t studied astrology and that your knowledge of it is probably based on what you have read or come across in the media.

“Star signs” or Sun signs are not astrology per se. Sun signs are a part of astrology. It is a very limited way of using astrology – dividing the world into twelve groups.

Astrology proper involves all the signs of the zodiac, all the planets of the solar system (the Sun and Moon are counted in as “planets”), the houses and the aspects – or the relationship between the planets and other factors in a birthchart. Is modern astrology just another pseudoscience?

Interpreting a birthchart is a complex business

Astrology can take a long time to learn and apply. I’ve been at it for 40 years and still find stuff to learn.

Of course I do believe astrology has legitimacy – I wouldn’t practice it otherwise. I see the evidence for it in my practice and in some of the research that has been conducted on it.

I suggest its legitimacy is self-evident to most people that take the time to study it properly – and, you may not know it, but it can be studied academically through various colleges. Is modern astrology just another pseudoscience?

Astrology has been around for thousands of years and will continue to be so for thousands more. It developed across the world in different cultures and in different forms. It is one of the most profound templates for understanding events and our human situation that has ever been invented.

Art not psuedoscience

People who don’t understand it like to pronounce it as a mediaeval superstition or psuedoscience. It is not even a science in my understanding. It is an art. An art that draws on science – indeed was the forerunner of astronomy.

But let me tell you what acceptance or non-acceptance of astrology boils down to: It boils down to whether you believe life is “meaningful” and “purposeful,” or you believe it is “meaningless,” simply a matter of “coincidence” or “chance.”

If you believe in the former you will probably be open to the astrological paradigm. If you believe the latter you won’t – you are more likely to believe in the materialistic, mechanistic view of the world, as supported by a number of our sciences. Is modern astrology just another pseudoscience?

During my life I have been on both sides of this fence. I know which is the richer belief – and which I have found to be true. Actually it is not really a “belief” to me, it is a self-evident template for life, that works.

If you want more of my take on this, take a read of my article, Get Real About Astrology.


Related question from Kevin L.

If I give my birth place, year, and time of day, and I answer any questions about my life events, career, relationships, health, etc., would astrologers know my zodiac sign with better that 1/12 accuracy?

I’m not entirely certain what the intention behind your question is but…

If you give your accurate time, date and place of birth to an astrologer they will draw up your natal chart.

From that they will be able to give you a reading on your potential – and it will be much more than “my zodiac sign.”

It will include all the signs, the planets, houses and aspects.

You should be able to decide from that reading whether or not the information provided fits with you.

Astrology, from my perspective, is not about telling you what school you probably went, what career you have chosen or whether you are married or not, and with children.

That’s the level that most people think it is about.

It is not about predicting outcomes so much as helping you to understand better what makes you tick.

You could, if you wanted to try it out, get a computer read-out of your birthchart. A number of websites offer it for free. Check out this website for a computer reading that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

I hope this helps.

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