Is astrology actually more about | New Q & A iconIs astrology actually more about the foods that were in season in your birth month and were available to your mother which unlock certain genes in your DNA affecting your personality and others born in the same month equally?

Question I answered on Quora. Is astrology actually more about

Yes it is profoundly more…

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Astrology provides a template that allows us to record a moment in Earth time and space, and (from thousands of years of observation) apply meaningful interpretation to that moment (the birthchart) in Earth time and space. And also, importantly, symbolically progress that birth moment forward in time.

It is an holistic developing system.

It does not rely on foods, genes, stars or planetary influence for interpretation. It is an acausal symbolical system. The quicker we can grasp this the quicker we can move on in our understanding of what we are involved in.

The birthchart of “others born in the same month” will each be unique. Only in events happening at the same moment, in the same place, will have the same birthchart.

Astrology gives evidence to the awareness and intelligence of human life. Only conscious life will have the nous to develop such a perspective.

And I will bet that as we venture out into space we will find other intelligent life will have founded similar system/s (probably won’t call it “astrology” – heavens forbid, such a dirty word in our still primitive grasp of it) in aid of their understanding of how things work.

Unless you have studied the matter you may not get the importance of this.

Indeed I would go so far as to say that what you believe about life – whether you see it as a matter of random chance coincidence, or whether you believe life is meaningful – will determine as to whether you are even open or not to begin to “get the importance of this.”

But I am ever optimistic we’ll all get there before the end of time.

I hope this helps answer your question… :0)

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