How much does luck decide our lives?

Tala A. How much does luck decide our lives?

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Thank you for the question. So how much does luck decide our lives?

I don’t believe “luck” does decide our lives. Rather I believe it is our attraction and resonance that decides how things work out.

If you look deep enough you will find that what we call “luck” is really our ability to attract. Or alternatively, the opposite, our ability to repulse.

We are like magnets – and you could say that depending on which pole we most habitually present to the world, we receive our quota in return.

It is this polarity, in other words, that determines what we receive back.

The thing about the way we view and use the term “luck” is that it is passive. What I mean is that we see luck, or bad luck, as happening to us, rather than something we create from within, with the way we think and act. Particularly in our habitual thinking processes – those processes we learnt from way back as children.

Dynamic luck rather than passive

The situation is dynamic rather than passive. We can potentially change our “luck” in other words. We change our inner world, and the external world – which is energy after all – will respond, will resonate to that change.

Well that’s the theory…

But… Realistically this is easier said that done. It usually takes effort. And it will of course vary from person to person with regards to the amount of effort required. We are all unique and what comes easy for one person is not so for another. That is what appears as “luck” to one and “unlucky” to another.

In astrology the positions of Jupiter and Venus, the Fire/Air signs, and aspects can give enormous insight into the potential of how and what a person is likely to attract or repulse in their lives.

Anyhow I hope this helps.

If you want to know more about attraction and resonance, have a read of Lynn Grabhorn’s book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting.

I’d also suggest you look into The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel. Napoleon Hill got all of his inspiration from doing Haanel’s Master Key course. You can read more about it here.

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