How is atheism a belief system?

My answer to a Quora question – what’s yours? How is atheism a belief system?

Atheism doesn’t believe in god

New Q & A iconI think that answers your question.

At this time there is no proof that god (as we have been taught to perceive god) exists, nor proof that he/she doesn’t exist.

I must say that a bug bear of mine is that it is pointless talking about the existence of a divine being (or not) without first defining what this being is – or supposed to be. We can then better decide if it can be tested or believed – or not. How is atheism a belief system?

There are too many assumptions made…

Also Atheism, in my experience, tends to stretch into endorsing the materialistic – mechanistic paradigm, and, thereby, being in denial of anything spiritual. So it is not just god that is not believed in.

Sorry to say I see atheism as another religion – I was one myself back in my twenties – more so an existentialist.

Life teaches me that we are all believers in one form or another, and the burden of proof needs be shared across all belief systems, not just the supposed whacky and woo-woo. How is atheism a belief system?

I hope this helps.

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