Ever experienced something you can’t explain?

Have you ever experienced something you can’t explain?

“Have you ever experienced something you can’t explain?” A question I answered on Quora

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Depends on what you believe

This question really depends upon what one believes about the world. If you believe that paranormal events can happen (via personalities or energies we can’t always see within the limitations of our physical senses) then you may well have an explanation (correct or incorrect) for something that others consider as unexplainable, or impossible. 

Some of my experience

I’ve certainly experienced seeing UFOs and ghosts, and other phenomena. Not a huge amount but some. For example: [ Ever experienced something you can’t explain ]

  • I had an interesting ride on an elevator on the RMS Queen Mary, back in 2000 (when we stayed at the hotel – I had no idea of its “haunted” reputation at the time), where it most certainly seemed to have a mind of its own. I was the only person on it – that was visible to me. Could I get it to move or stop – only when it wanted to. We went up and down, doors opening and closing. I came to no harm though.
  • I had a ghost walk past me in an old Edwardian doctors’ house (in Peterborough UK). I was living in the house with a bunch of archaeologists. It was being used as a dig-house. I could only see the top half of a very worried looking person. I tried speaking to it but it ignored me – a replay I suspect.
  • At another time I had to swerve into the middle of a road to avoid two cyclists riding two-abreast. The weird thing is my passenger couldn’t see them and when I checked in the wing mirror nor could I. They possibly died on the spot and the whole sequence was probably just a replay.

If interested, I wrote about some of these in my Life and Death: Making Sense Of It book. The book is not intended to be sensationalist about paranormal stuff, but to make us think that we are spiritual beings.

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