Does guilt manifest the ego?

Jeff C. Does guilt manifest the ego?

Does guilt manifest the ego? | New Q & A iconI’m not entirely sure how to read this question.

In my understanding, the ego is treated differently by different belief systems or different psychological paradigms. It requires a definition to answer any question about it – in this case what the ego is. Does guilt manifest the ego?

In my belief the “ego” is a derivative of a soul drawn down into the lower vibration and frequency of the physical world. That is, it is derived from coming to identify with the situation it finds itself in.

Our background, our family, our name, our gender, our education, our friends etc, etc, all aid to build up a sense of what is actually a temporary self – like an actor getting absorbed into a character for a given period of time.

It is the person we have become, or becoming, to identify with. It’s what makes us unique, what separates us from other people. It is that self-conscious part of ourself.

If I’ve understood the question correctly, what manifests the ego is what I describe. This could of course include learning from actions that we have guilt or regrets about. But all goes into the melting pot.

As I see it, there is nothing good or bad about the ego, but the mature ego is more like a conductor of an orchestra where every player is involved and there is authenticity, sincerity and the expression of love in the performance.

Where, as Carl Rogers would say, we treat others with respect and “positive regard,” our ego is in a good place.

In a meaningful sense the soul requires this situation as part of its journey, experiencing, learning – and that is why it gets involved.

A buddhist (who does not accept the soul) might say that we need to detach from who we have become, from our wants and needs, from the ego. And that can be a valid perspective worth exploring too.

I hope this helps.

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