What happens when dead bodies are broken during Famadihana? (Katana P)

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I cannot pretend for a moment to be familiar with Famadihanan. This is, as I have read, a burial tradition of Madagascar where bodies are exhumed, or brought out, from family crypts (in the turning the bones ceremony). I gather the bodies are then carried around and danced with to music.

I don’t know about the “dead body gets broken” part, but let me say this: [ When dead bodies are broken during Famadihana ]

Look, what we believe does have impact on what happens to us. Our cultures have developed all kinds of belief and superstitions regarding the dead, and caring for dead bodies.

Many of us here in the West consider what is dead and buried is just that, dead and buried – all that’s left are memories. I have a different view. [ When dead bodies are broken during Famadihana ]

From my perspective a person dying in Madagascar may (soul-wise) hang around their dead body in an attempt to fulfil their expectation of the importance of this ceremony, and out of respect for their kin.

Not for me

Personally hanging around for 7 years (or whatever time it takes) for such a ritual would not appeal to me in the slightest – I’ll need to continue my journey. [ When dead bodies are broken during Famadihana ]

Under normal circumstances, I believe the soul will leave the body and move on rather sharpish. It is, what I consider, erroneous belief that will hold us here.

We are made of the stuff of Love and light. The dark fears we have, we have created in our minds. We need to move on from it. [ When dead bodies are broken during Famadihana ]

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