Did you come across any ghost in real life? (JW)

Some Inspiration | Spiritual Q&A logoYes, I have seen ghosts on two occasions and have experienced unseen presences on at least three further occasions. Come across any ghost in real life

  1. While working as an archaeologist I saw the top half of a ghost (stern looking guy about 6 ft tall with a beard) in the dig house where we (team) were staying in Peterborough UK. The house definitely had an atmosphere and was a doctor’s house many years before. Come across any ghost in real life
  2. Driving into Grantham UK I had to swerve to the middle of the road to avoid hitting two cyclists – riding two-abreast. My passenger couldn’t understand what was going on. He didn’t see them.

I could say more about both accounts but I hope this helps.

I wrote about these experiences in my book: Life and Death: Making Sense of It. If interested you can buy it online in most places including here. If you only want to take a peek, you can get the Free Intro and Chapter 2 here.

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