Can worrying kill you?

Can worrying kill you? I worry about death and have a panic attack almost every day. Can everyday worrying kill?

John S

New Q & A iconJohn, worry can of course kill you, if you let it take over your life.

First, let me make comment on your health

If you can’t sort out the issue you have with death then what you need to do, at very  least, is balance your mind and body with good exercise, good food, good laughter and meditation – or try yoga. Get out and about more often too.

Getting absorbed in your work, or a hobby, can also help take your mind off it.

I also seriously recommend trying hypnosis as a technique to help you change your perspective on this issue. Find out more about hypnosis here. And products I recommend here.  

Don’t allow yourself to keep slipping into negativity. It is what brings on poor health and disease.

Regards body and well-being: Have a read of my FREE ebook, Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace. Available at most online stores. Find out about it here or get it now from here. It will provide tips and help you to speed up the healing process. It is worth a read anyhow.

Regards getting to grips with death

This is obviously an issue that sounds like it is not going to go away in the short term at least. You need to get a better and/or more positive understanding of it.

This is not the place for me to make big sweeping philosophical statements but I will say that our sciences and/or orthodox religions may not supply the answer you are seeking for your issue. You need to look deeper, rather than try to cover over the matter.

In context, consider reading my book: Life and Death: Making Sense of It. This will give you a deeper perspective than conventional wisdom allows. You can read more about it, and buy an eBook version here – also download the Introduction, for free, to get a better feel of what it offers.

I hope this helps you.

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