When we are dead, we are dead, so how can anything like ghosts really exist?

It’s not possible.

New Q & A icon“When we are dead, we are dead, so how can anything like ghosts really exist? It’s not possible.” A question asked by Sophia A-L

Thanks for your question.

This is an interesting question. It is in two parts from how I read it.[ How can ghosts really exist ]

I hope you’ll agree that we live in circumstances where, with the topic we are discussing here, it is better we talk of what we “believe,” or what we have been “taught” to believe, or what we have faith in, than to state something as though a fact of life. So firstly I’d say it is entirely your choice to believe that when you are dead you are dead – with nothing beyond that point. But it is a belief not a statement of fact.

In my Life and Death book I presented a number of reasons as to why I believe, and am convinced of the opposite, that we do survive death, that there is an afterlife. One of the reasons is because I believe in ghosts – or better still I have seen, what I accept as ghosts, on two occasions, or was it three. I would say I have also experienced “unseen ghosts” let’s say, on more than one occasion. What I want to add below is tied into my belief that ghosts exist – but not all ghosts are the same. [ How can ghosts really exist ]

It’s all energy

In our lives we are interacting with our environment continuously. This is more especially so where feelings and emotions are concerned. Those locations or places – perhaps our home – where we have felt “at home,” secure and loved, we leave an impression, a good impression; that soaks into the environment, into the walls around us. People might well say our home has a nice welcoming atmosphere, or a peaceful atmosphere, and this will be, at least in part, due to our energy, what we give out. [ How can ghosts really exist ]

Likewise in times of fear or extreme feelings, when our lives may be in crisis or life threatening danger, we can leave powerful negative and sad impressions on our environment. And, more tragic, if someone commits an atrocity or dark act on themselves or another person, that will especially leave a powerful impression on the environment around the act.

Ghosts that are seen, to my mind, split into three broad types:

Given the above, ghosts can simply be a playback of atmospheric memories. Like watching a video, a recording, of a time past. No one is actually there live and interactive.

In other respects though ghosts can be real visitations to a given place, for similar emotional reasons. Such visitations will be live and interactive, a true presence. [ How can ghosts really exist ]

It needs to be said that some of us, when we die, do not move on into the light of spirit quite so willingly. If, for whatever reason, we have lived our life in ignorance, in fear, in the shadows, perhaps having power over others and/or turning our back on Love, we can become trapped, earthbound. We may then haunt the places we existed in or have an attraction towards now. [ How can ghosts really exist ]

Such souls will be reluctant to receive help to move on, but move on eventually they will have to. Nothing can continue to exist without Love holding them from disappearing altogether.

If you want to get further insight into this topic take a read of Chapter Three, Fringe Benefits in Life and Death: Making Sense of It. You might also take a read of UK Ghost and Poltergeist stories.

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