Astrology: I have a mutable T-square

Astrology: I have a mutable T-square

with Moon in Virgo 9 degree (1st house) Jupiter in Pisces 16 degree (7th house) Saturn in Sagittarius 14 degree (4th house). What will happen in my life?

“Astrology: I have a mutable T-square” etc, was a question I answered on Quora.

Q&A | 400x96 imageAs you have not provided all your details, I’m going to make some general observations here.

“What will happen in my life?” is the wrong question I suggest. You create what happens in your life – whether consciously or subconsciously.

Move out of being passive and rudderless. Learn to take back control. That’s what Saturn is there for.

You are learning to go with the flow. But dealing with the peaks and troughs of life is not just for experiencing, but for learning. Here you need to learn to ride the surf. Be sensitive and flexible (as is your nature) but in control.

Think of your T square as being a powerful aid to your growth – something you can gauge your learning with.

All in all, it would not surprise me if you have developed an issue around your confidence* – perhaps not entirely sure of who you are. You are not flotsam, so don’t allow yourself to be so.

The work will entail building your confidence and possibly finding some way towards helping others with healing – I suspect you have psychic/mediumistic qualities that need developing. Consider meditation as a means of centring.

*As somewhat indicated by how you phrased your question.


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