An effective exercise to strengthen one’s imagination

What is an effective exercise to strengthen one’s imagination?

“What is an effective exercise to strengthen one’s imagination?” was requested by Pierre D.

A house will provide you with a good example.

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1. Imagine a house.

Very probably you will have one come into your mind immediately. It doesn’t matter how simple the image is. It can be your own house, if you are not currently in it that is – it’ll become obvious below that you are not actually in your own home when doing this exercise.

If you are having difficulty doing this, try drawing a house on paper.

And yes, if you drew one on paper, then, of course, you are already imagining it, to be able to do that.

2. Next stand up, and with your eyes closed, imagine you are inside a room of the house you have now created.

What does the room look like?

Look around the room and see shapes, if not details, of things in the room. Take your time. Don’t worry if things appear fuzzy at first. You can always build in the things you want in place – an armchair there, a television there, a fireplace there.

Decide if this room is at the back of the house or the front.

3. Now imagine other rooms of the house.

What do they look like?

4. Next imagine the plot the house stands on.

If it has a garden, what does it look like?

Now visualise the other side of the house from where you are standing. If at the back then the front and vice versa. How does this other side look.

5. Next, still standing, with your eyes closed (or just squinting if you need to see where you are going) try physically moving yourself as if to another spot in the grounds or house.

Now view the house, or perhaps a room, from this new spot.

This can be very powerful and quite enjoyable – if you get it that is. Things start to become more 3D.

If you like the concept of this, do try it as often as you need. If you are planning to use creative visualisation towards attracting a house, well you couldn’t have started in a better place.

Another powerful exercise is to imagine building a house, from its footings.

I hope this helps to improve your imagination.


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