Tips on downloading music files

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Tips on downloading music filesIf you are buying a downloadable music track off the Annie Locke website it will be in MP3 format and you should find you can easily download that file onto your computer, tablet or mobile.Tips on downloading music files

Given you have had some experience with downloading music files the journey should be a smooth one.

However if you are downloading a complete album, keep in mind that we package the individual MP3 tracks into a ‘zip‘ file. A zip file is a compressed folder/container for the MP3 files. This procedure has a number of advantages, and not least being that it keeps everything packed together and thereby it is easier to download the one file rather than a group of files.

Downloading for mobile or tablet

When it comes to downloading your files, whether in MP3 or zipped, our best suggestion is that you download music files onto computer first. From there transfer them to your mobile or tablet.

Differences between browsers

There may be some differences in the procedure of downloading music files depending upon which browser you are using. Take note of the following examples:


Download via OperaThe Opera browser gives you simple choices to Open and play the track (such as in your Windows Media Player), or to simply Save to your computer. You decide where you save to (most probably to the Downloads folder if on PC).


Download via FirefoxWith Firefox the music track will ordinarily start playing in the browser. To save from here you need to right-click on the track and (left-click) select Save Audio As in order to call down onto your computer. From there you decide where you wish to save it to.

Internet Explorer

Download via IECalling a music file down via Internet Explorer will most probably move it into your Windows Media Player – from where you are given opportunity to save into a playlist.

Downloading a full album

Tips on downloading music files - download zip fileIf, instead, you are downloading a full album, which is the zip file, you will see a box in the middle of your browser similar to the one shown here. We recommend you use the Save File option to call it down into your machine.

Once you have downloaded, simply go the appropriate folder (probably your Downloads folder) find the zip file and (if in Windows) double-click to open – wherein the file will reveal its contents of music tracks.

If using a Mac you should also have the built-in capability to access zip files – to unpack or pack them. Check out Archive Utility.

Tips on downloading music files - unzipping files

Storing your music files

The next thing to do is move your music files to wherever you wish to place them. If using iTunes for example you can easily add your tracks – from wherever on your computer – into your library using File and Add.

From there, to get the music on your phone, simply plug in your device with the USB cable and follow the ‘sync your device’ instructions.

Tablet or mobile your only option

If downloading direct to tablet or mobile is your only option, then you shouldn’t really have any problem downloading MP3 files. There are also alternative ways for getting zip files onto your device. Third-party apps (such as WinZip) are available which allow you to download files directly. This will depend on which device you have.

Note, downloading a zip file directly can be a bit bothersome working out if the file did download or not, and where it has ended up. Allow enough time for the file to complete its transfer – could take a few minutes.

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