Where there is darkness and unrest

Francis O’Neill Where there is darkness and unrest was written back in June 2014. See if you think it still applies.

World Turtle imageIf you are near the edge I’m sure you will feel it right now. It is like the slip/stick of tectonic plate movement. It is best not to be too near it.

Nothing seems to be happening for a time then suddenly all hell is let loose around the epicentre of another outbreak – and up it comes to the surface, the white hot magma of another story…

…Some celebrity being nabbed for under-age sex
Another conspiracy being exposed
Another demonstration of civil unrest
Another dictator being deposed

Another war somewhere else
Another madman destroying lives
Another soldier dies saving lives,
And another bank pulls the wool over our eyes

Another tornado, another flood
Another body found in the woods…

And so it goes on and on and on
Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq
Central African Republic – civilians under attack
North Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan,
Afghanistan, Northern Mali – they stand and die to a man

You brothers in arms with right on your side
Mark well
the darkness you are now creating

For it will take years and years to heal and subside.

Brothers and sisters around our good Earth
Let us link more closely and give rise to the birth
Of love and understanding…

Yes, let us become more awake
More forgiving of our past
Let us live by less ‘take’
The implications are vast

Let’s have more respect for each other
And the sanctity of life
And for the flora and fauna
That live here by our side

And may we stop all this horsing around as if we still live on a flat Earth that rides on the back of a turtle. For pity’s sake, give the turtle a break.

Amen to that!

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