The Power of Consciousness

Biologist Bruce Lipton on The Power of Consciousness interviewed by Iain McNay of Conscious TV

Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who is the author of “The Biology Of Belief” and “Spontaneous Evolution.” He talks about his life, his work, and how he sees the predicament of the human race. [ The Power of Consciousness ]

Do you believe our genetic makeup controls our lives – or could it be our mind?

Bruce Lipton has insight into this question.  If you believe we are all running off our genetic makeup you might have a surprise in store. [ The Power of Consciousness ]

What you’ll learn here, in this 50 minute video, is a revelation on the cells in our body and what controls them.  It has implications for our health.  It also has philosophical implications regards our understanding of consciousness and, for that matter, the subconscious.  You might be interested in the books mentioned in the video – and also this book, The Wisdom of Your Cells. [ The Power of Consciousness ]

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The Power of Consciousness

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