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We live in challenging times, I would suggest, and it behoves us to look for answers to some of the bigger questions that life poises for us… [ Spiritual Q and A ]

Not a religious person

What I offer, in Spiritual Q & A, is an opinion, my understanding or belief. In fairness this is an informed opinion as I have been exploring answers to such questions, it seems, for most of my life.

This was driven, in part, by (some paranormal) experiences; followed by study (involving psychology and astrology), and having debates with quite a number of secular and spiritual people over the years. I arrived at my own conclusions regarding the bigger questions life poses for us here on the Earth. These conclusions are not necessarily aligned with conventional wisdom.

I’m not therefore a religious person in the conventional sense. If anything I consider I have a philosophical take on the matters being covered. And I will say that I endeavour to live my life by what I believe.[ Spiritual Q and A ]

About the questions

The questions under the Spiritual Q & A menu (above) are from people who have either contacted me, or samples of questions I’ve answered on Quora, and have added under the appropriate topic.

See what you make of them… view the menu/sub-menus under Think on This, top of the site. And leave a comment. [ Spiritual Q and A ]

I’ll be placing more as they come in, so, do check back later. Meanwhile I hope you find both the questions and answers of interest and possible help.

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