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Francis O’Neill

Russell Brand Awake - imageWhen back in 2008 Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross made their dreadful prank call to Andrew Sachs (of Fawlty Towers fame) on Brands Saturday night radio show, in the UK, a great many of the licence paying public called for serious action to be taken – and it was!

It transpired that both presenters lost their shows on the BBC – with both also making sincere apologies to Sachs and his family. Ever honourable, Sachs was not looking for any (long drawn out) litigation and compensation and so the matter was brought to a relatively speedy close.

I have to say that even before that point I had little time for Brand’s wild attention seeking antics and foul language – indeed I’d turn to another channel than suffer his rudeness. However I did catch him on one occasion (was it last year) on TV, ranting on with his views on society and politics, and what sounded like an underlying spiritual belief; and I have to say my ears pricked up and I listened to what he had to say.

Two videos featuring Brand

He began to grow on me. If you didn’t know already – you probably do – here is a guy with a super-quick mind, not afraid to speak it, so electric and at times not just outrageous but courageous. His mind gushes like a dangerous river but I reckon he is beginning to harness it, and if you can catch it, even keep up with it, it carries a lot of good, even wholesome spiritual sense. I hope you enjoy the following two videos – and apologies in advance for any disgusting foul-mouth swearing!

Gaiam TV Mindshift – Enlightening our Global Culture Russel Brand & Eve Ensler

Russell Brand – Awake (a series of Brand clips)

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