Reincarnation and learning

Reincarnation and learning by Andrea Grieveson

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I have been interested in, have given talks on, and have written about reincarnation for many years. And I want to share a few thoughts with others of like mind.

We do tend to think that any past lives we have been given, verbally or in dreams, are OUR past lives. We must remember though that our personalities of today are just that — our current personality. They will eventually disappear into the higher self that is journeying with us at this time.

It is easier to think of this as the children we once were are no longer us, but are certainly a part of the person we are today. [Reincarnation and learning]

Our higher selves or our spirits, who have focused a small part of their minds on to our brains in order to help us through this current life, have incarnated solely to improve their own awareness on their journey back to their god.

Spirit advice

I was advised by my spirit many years ago (via my husband Alan’s trance mediumship), not to make waves and, as you know, in this life on the Earth, at this stage of its evolution, with so much technology making us aware of so much that years ago we were totally unaware of, it is extremely difficult not to get involved. [Reincarnation and learning]

If, however you realise that things that are happening all over the world are purely the results of cause and effect, then you will make greater efforts at not getting involved. After all experience has shown us all time after time that we can only have any kind of conscious effect upon our own lives and not upon other people and what is happening to them.

Isabel Hickey’s wisdom

Around the time I began studying astrology, I thought I fully understood a little story in the back of Isabel Hickey’s book ‘Astrology – A Cosmic Science.

She wrote of two spirits, a young one and an old wise one, sitting on the moon looking at the whole of the earth.

The young one kept pointing out atrocities that men were perpetrating on their fellow men. Not only on men but on women and children. Also those atrocities that women and children were perpetrating on their fellow humans.

At each cry of horror the young spirit made, the old one said in a calm, quiet voice “They are learning.”

I have to keep on reminding myself whenever I want to interfere that ‘they are learning’ — just as I am learning.


Andrea Grieveson, who lives and works in the UK, has been a medium and astrological consultant — specializing in character astrology — for more than thirty years. She has written two books relating to her work and experience – both available on Amazon.

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