NASA UFOs and Aliens

I just had to put this (June 2015) NASA UFOs and Aliens video from Paranormal Crucible up on the site. See what you make of it.

You know what strikes me watching this video? Take a glass of water out of any pond and you might see as much microscopic life in there as is showing in some of the clips on this 4 minute video.

What I mean is that, forget metallic craft, a lot of it looks to me like space is teeming with organic life – which doesn’t surprise me all that much! After all, it’s full of it on terra-firma and in the oceans.[ NASA UFOs and Aliens ]

Uploaded by Paranormal Crucible

The PC upload says, this is ‘A selection of UFO video footage taken from the NASA archives and the recordings of Martyn Stubbs. This is raw footage, but I’m working on enhancing the STS-75 UFO footage, and will post when I’m finished.’

You’ll find links to more at the end of the video… [ NASA UFOs and Aliens ]

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