You want evidence of UFOs?

Well here’s some of it.

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And some of it will blow your socks off – or should

Looking for evidence of UFOs. If we have learned anything, since the advances in our camera technology, it is that UFOs are not necessarily all visible to the naked eye. Now all of that is changing.

Well it has been for a while but there is a big reveal taking place as a result.

By use of our cameras and altering the way we look at images – for instance using different filters and infrared – so much more evidence of UFOs can be revealed.

This is particularly noticeable when we are talking of night-time viewing. Things in the sky can be even more difficult to spot with the naked eye. So, in case you didn’t know, what a number of keen observers are doing these days is using night vision cameras for scanning the skies – looking for evidence of UFOs.

Dan Woerner on night vision – what the hell!?

Dan Woerner is regularly watching the skies, using a night vision camera in Michigan, US. What he has captured in the following two videos should make you think: was that a bird, a plane, or was it a squadron of alien vessels? Heck there goes another!

Stop what you are doing; indeed suspend any disbelief in UFOs if such aerial phenomena is still new to you. Take a look at these before you decide. The first is 4 minute video from last October.

And now take a look at the other: here’s a 7 minute one from November 2015

If you want more of these videos, check out Dan’s YouTube UFO Channel.

Jaime Maussan Video Evidence that UFOs are real

Speaking at 2015 MUFON Symposium

Jaime Maussan is a well-known television journalist from Mexico. Along with other involvements, he presents a 2 hour show from Mexico – beamed to all Latin American countries – dealing with UFOs and paranormal mysteries, each Sunday night. There is now so much evidence that, he says, his tv show produces 40hrs to 50hrs of footage a week resulting from people reporting this phenomena. He has a huge following across the Spanish speaking world. Check out for an online link to Maussen’s tv network.

What he presents here is a range of evidence of UFOs and other phenomena – includes footage of two petrified flying saucers estimated to be millions of years old. I keep an open mind on this. Not all evidence here is necessarily about UFOs as we know or perceive them – I particularly found the ‘Orb’ videos of great interest. Anyhow less of the waffle – take a look for yourself…

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