Astronauts seeing UFOs

Francis O’Neill takes a wry look at some cranky people – but who are the ‘cranks’ here? (Oct 2014)

Astronauts seeing UFOs - Edgar Mitchell image
Astronauts seeing UFOs? Come on!

Let’s face it, within a flatland ‘everything normal and explained’ worldview that many of us subscribe to (and mostly fail to even register we are on a planet doing something like 600,000 mph through space) UFOs and the like are sent out there on the ‘fringes’ along with mediaeval superstitions, ghosts, goblins and fairies at the bottom of the garden.

I mean UFOs…! Can we talk about something real – like football or getting out of the European Union!?

My concern is that some of us wouldn’t see a UFO if it was six feet above our heads playing God Save the Queen – it just wouldn’t appear on our radar. And if it did we’d probably look for the nearest wedding reception sending musical Chinese lanterns into the ether for the explanation.

We’re too busy

Few of us, in any case, do that much looking up, or take time to observe the skies – we’re all too preoccupied with our busy lives down here to bother with looking at stars – unless they have A class celebrity status that is.

I’d probably put myself in a similar category some years back but now I’m one of those weird people who claim to have seen a UFO. Well okay, I’m going to come out; I have been one of those weirdos for a long time. If the greys, sorry gays, can do it, so can I.

Indeed I argue I have seen UFOs on at least three occasions. But then I’ve also seen ghosts on two occasions and had other paranormal experiences. So I’m out of the box, I can’t ignore what we call the paranormal and return to my slumber quite so easily.

For what it is worth though, it is a much more magical and wonderful world out here – where many things are possible. You should try it…

Astronauts seeing UFOs – really!?

Now it is relatively easy to dismiss the mutterings and odd experiences of someone like myself; with the judgement that it’s all ‘anecdotal’, or something worse – which is another way of saying it’s a one-off and there is not much point in taking it seriously – but what judgements do we make of astronauts and the like, those of us who have travelled out to the fringes, or who have been in Area 51, and who claim they have seen things?

Do we simply laugh it off and keep the faith that this sort of thing just can’t happen, or do we begin to question what we have been taught to believe? Well it’s over to you for the answer to that… See what you make of the people in the following YouTube videos. All of them needing Dr Phil’s help perhaps!? Please leave your comments too.

The UFO Cover UP – Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

An Astronaut’s UFO Experience – Gordon Cooper

Dying Ex-CIA Worker Comes forward about Area 51 & Aliens

Secret Space – Astronauts See UFOs

Interesting theories from Chris Everard and some very interesting NASA footage. Everard talks of ‘space serpents’ organic worm life in the ethers. I hold a view that some of the saucer-like phenomena that we describe as UFOs might possibly be organic (or plasma) life forms.

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