Is alien life here now?

Are you in need of explanation for alien life visiting us!?

Francis O’Neill (April 2014)

Paul Hellyer Is there alien life here now image

Is alien life here now? To answer this question, here is a must see RT interview with former Defence Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer

Open-minded visitors may wish to go straight to the video that can be found towards the bottom of this article. By the way the book advertised below is mentioned in the video.

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If you have read the SI article, Are we alone in the Universe? and are yet to be convinced about all this UFO and alien life being ‘over here’ nonsense you might find this interview a bit of a challenge – and be thinking this guy is ‘off the wall’ or has been visited by aliens – which of course would be contrary to what you believe. To help remedy any misunderstanding and bring you up to speed, try these simple steps designed to help you get on track:

Is alien life here now bullet point imageStop what you are doing!

Stop what you are doing for a moment and look around you – take a listen to what is going on, all the stillness perhaps or all the buzz. Now imagine you have just arrived here, into all of this going-on-ness. Try to see it and listen to it as if for the first time – be in the present so to speak.

Is alien life here now bullet point imageYou are also a lifeform

Next, lose your name for a moment and consider yourself in context with being a lifeform, as indeed you are, on a planet that is moving through space. All told we’re actually doing in the region of 600,000 miles per hour which is not bad for a ship that is a few billion years old – with admittedly no one at the helm, and most of us sleeping through the voyage. We should probably have a regular prayer to give thanks the autopilot is still operating and hasn’t yet taken us into warp drive. But let’s however keep it calm!

Around you there are all kinds of other lifeforms, different to you, travelling along with you for the ride. For instance, there goes a blackbird, over there a squirrel, over there a colony of ants, and over there… well!?

Is alien life here now bullet point imageIf happening here, it could be happening elsewhere

Now take a moment to consider that if all of this life is happening right here, then there is every chance it will be happening elsewhere. But indeed, let’s cut to the chase here: We should have no doubt, this lifestuff will be happening wherever it can be sustained.

Is alien life here now bullet point imageVisitors

Extend the situation out a little further and you’ve naturally got visitors coming to visit. These are visitors from elsewhere in the cosmos taking in the sights on the Earth, just like we visit other parts of our planet at this time. But more than that, at least some of these visitors appear to be part of a federation concerned for the Earth’s welfare – which Paul Hellyer will tell you about. His interview is worth a listen.

Is alien life here now bullet point imageWonderland

What I really want to get across here is that we live in a remarkable wonderland, at a remarkable time, that we are barely waking up to – but it is happening, and happening now.

Enjoy the video! Please leave a comment – be great to hear your thoughts.

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