NDE and Angels

My Awakening With The Angels – Kimberlee’s story

Ed note: This, NDE and Angels story, is an extract of from IANDS [the International Association for Near-Death Studies]. They have kindly allowed me to reprint here. The Web address for the full story is at the end of the post.

NDE and Angels | My awakening with the angels… Months after my recovery from surgery, I was re-admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis, fighting severe pain and an infection. When I arrived, my doctor told me she did not know what was going on, but they would work until they found the source. I could see the look of concern on her face.

I found myself slipping in and out of consciousness. I signed the forms needed to perform the necessary tests, saw my daughter, son and my boyfriend in the room, and then I lost consciousness. The pain became too much for my body, and it began to shut down.

Beings of light

I could feel myself leaving, and in an instant the most beautiful beings-of-light surrounded me. The pain was gone. One stood out among the others and stayed close to me. I realized these were my angels and I knew right away my physical condition was grave.

We talked telepathically – no words were needed. I heard the words in my mind. The light I had seen with my mother at her death showered me with the most incredible amount of love in, through, and around me. It was more love than I had ever experienced, filling every cell of my body. It had a radiance like a warm fire on a cold winter’s day. I asked if my mom and brother were here and was told that they were. I could see them if I wanted, but I refused. Something inside me knew if I saw them I would not want to leave.

I heard them say they were not sure I’d make it

I had no awareness of my physical body. I could see they had me on oxygen. My respiration was low and my heart rate was high. I heard the nurses say they were not sure that I would make it through the night. I viewed my experience like a movie playing out before me. I could hear everything being said, but had no physical attachment to any of it. I only felt an incredible sense of love, peace and warmth. The same feeling I had when I attended church, only amplified.

I was surrounded by the most beautiful colours of light; in every shade and hue with rich tapestry. In this space there was no sense of time. Every now and then, I was pulled back into my body. As soon as I opened my eyes I felt all the physical pain once more. Each time I awakened, I saw one of my children or my boyfriend sitting by my side and I knew I was still a part of this world.

Back with the Angels

As soon as I closed my eyes, I would be back with my angels and feeling the warmth of their love. For four days, doctors and specialists ran test after test. I had CAT scans and X-Rays to determine what was wrong with me. Over the course of those four days, I spent my time between two worlds.

I was aware of the physical, but also aware of my non-physical self. When I spent time with my angels, I looked down at my non-physical arms and body. I saw an outline of form filled with golden white Light that radiated past the faint lines. As if I was a star shining brightly in the heavens. The light was fluid, iridescent and connected with ease to the angels near or beside me. I connected with the stars and the vastness of the Universe. I was a part of everything in existence all at the same time.

Important message…

I took the time to ask questions, and I heard the message loud and clear…

Our purpose here is to discover unconditional love within ourselves and then offer it to others.

We are all on the path.

What differs between us is the road we take, the experience we choose, and how much we have learned about love. No one road is better or more important than another. It is all a matter of what speaks to your heart and feels like home within.

We are here to explore, experience and find joy in the process of living an earthly existence.

Our evolution and ascension as a spiritual being happens organically at a time when we are ready to receive it. We are all constantly growing, evolving and changing.

But, this is not anything we have to force or for which we need a certain skill set. We are all spiritual beings having the human experience. All those experiences are a little different than the person standing next to us.

My turn to go?

‘Is it my turn to go?’ I asked. ‘That is your choice. Right now, whether you live or go is up to you.

You are given several opportunities in your life to choose to stay on the earth or go Home. So I ask you, Kimberlee, what do you choose?’ I began to think of my answer.

Being here with all of them, I felt so much love and peace. I would have a hard time leaving. Then I thought of my children. They had already been through so much. To lose their mother would be more than they could handle. I could not do that to them right now.

I knew in my heart that all of this as I experienced it is timeless. One day I could choose to be here once again. I looked around at all the angels, the heavens and stars then finally looked back at my angel. ‘I choose to keep living my life on earth.’

As soon as I made my choice I…

You can read the rest of this NDE and Angels story by following the link below.
Copied with permission from www.IANDS.org. The full story is at https://iands.org/experiences/nde-accounts/922-my-awakening-with-the-angels.html

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