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Editorial review

This book has the potential to change the world view of its readers. It offers a broad yet very detailed sweep across the whole spectrum of the subject matter, which makes the book wide-ranging and inclusive.

I am pretty cynical when it comes to believing in the supernatural in any form, but I found myself having to stop short and really think about the possibility of life after death here. I particularly liked how it touches on the fact that people who believe in life after death are happier than those who don’t. Food for thought, indeed.

This is a very individual and readable book which is written from the heart, and which reaches out with great warmth to its readers.

Joanne Harrington, professional editor (via PublishNation UK)

Customer reviews/comments


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The Book Is Brilliant. Thought Provoking, Easy To Read, I Couldn’t Put It Down…

Every chapter has been well constructed, with facts, scientific proof, famous quotes, great research to back every point made with the author jumping off the fence and gives his interpretation, his experiences and further points to debate pulling the threads to tie up nicely before moving onto the next chapter. book reviews on Life and Death

What was so refreshing was the authors good upbeat tone and humour which carried on throughout this book. I could feel when Francis O’Neill was really trying to hit the point home (without being condescending). The author asked questions of the reader, which certainly got me thinking without preaching or without trying sound like a know it all.

Yes, you’ve got to keep an open mind and that’s why I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hadn’t considered seeing who I may have been in a previous life, by now I was totally intrigued. The author also mentions people are looking to get there, but all along they are already there – they just don’t know it.

The author also uses good analogies. One being “What is gravity?” – the blase answer seems the same as a confused child / teacher / preacher used to say – “god did it”.

Interestingly, in the last chapter of “Life and Death – Making Sense Of It”, gives credit to Neale Donald Walsch and I totally agree. “We are the creators of our journey and life’s purpose – if we as humans beings can flow where our good intentions allow then yes we can make a difference” – for the better. I believe people are slowly waking up, but which snow flake will it take to shift the avalanche?

So, perhaps this book will be the snow flake moment causing the avalanche to rumble. Which wakes people up to become aware of their higher self, spiritual being and our connections to one and reviews on Life and Death

So on that note – I really enjoyed this book, it’s thought provoking, great flow, easy to read, can’t wait for book two, a must buy…

H. Dyal

An aptly titled and refreshingly-crafted, “thought provoking” commentary

Life and Death: Making Sense of It by Francis O’Neill is both an aptly titled and refreshingly-crafted, “thought provoking” commentary which considerately delves into many of the multi-faceted, transcendental basics that can help one wind one’s way through …. Life and Death.

With a marvelously conversational tone and engaging honesty, O’Neill succeeds in matter-of-factly sharing his perspectives on life both in the here-&-now and in the here-after with a wit and a seriousness that reassuringly challenges the reader to consider paraphrasing an old maxim into… “the only one who lives your lives is you”.

From the prisms of Jungian psychology through archaeological field work and astrology, from concepts of the soul, reincarnation, karma and, what for some is currently perceived as, the paranormal O’Neill’s introductory volume provides a spectrum of cosmological underpinnings to help assess or re-assess one’s places in the universe.

Having well spent his present life exploring a thoughtful, and thought-filled, metaphysical sojourn, O’Neill shares his insights and encourages his readers to explore their own journeys in the past, within the present, and for the future.

By admittedly not claiming to have every answer, tis a volume which is not shy about helping a reader to ask themselves their own questions and make their own deliberations. The Appendix, “Six Months to Live”, is an essential read whether one is in their 20s or in their 80s.
In short, if you or a friend are at points of reflection in your searchings or seeking new paths to trod Life and Death: Making Sense of It is a book which definitely merits both your time and your contemplation.

W.A. Stokinger

Book Reviews on Life and Death: Making Sense of It


Great voyage of discovery – final chapter moved me to tears

If you have an interest in exploring the relationship between life and death in a meaningful way, then the author, Francis O’Neill, has provided the perfect framework. This book gives an absorbing insight into many aspects of the subject and the journey we are taking.

The author has obviously researched his material carefully and thoroughly and presents it in an easy-to-read user-friendly format with many touches of gentle humour, whilst not holding back at the same time on making important points.

The text is enlivened further by a variety of quotes, each of which elucidates and adds to the points he is making. His view is not one-sided and links together many viewpoints and religious and spiritual beliefs, in a way which may convince many a reader that we are all more connected than one would sometimes believe.

But although his own thoughts and ideas shine through, there is still plenty of latitude for readers to form their own conclusions.

I personally found the book very hard to put down, and continued reading well into the night when I had only intended to consume a few pages. I also especially devoured the chapters on children’s memories of past lives and on ‘The Other Side’ (ably supported by information in question and answer format from medium, Andrea Grieveson).

Whatever you do, don’t miss Chapter 7, which draws together many of the threads from earlier chapters. It is beautifully and brilliantly written, forming a fitting conclusion to the main part of the book. Indeed, I found it so moving and compelling that it brought tears to my eyes.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the various sections, Francis O’Neill has also provided a very useful and extensive bibliography for further reading, with enough material to keep you occupied through several lifetimes!book reviews on Life and Death.

Annie L

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A journey worth embarking upon

Over the years I have explored a number of concepts contained in Francis’ book either through work or interest and although I confess I have given little thought to a spiritual journey in recent years, this book has served to rekindle my interest.

The book is written in an easy style punctuated with humour and anecdotes. I particularly like the seamlessness between chapters which consider a range of disciplines discussed through personal experience or through extensive research supported by a wide range of references.

Francis presents the reader with a spiritual journey with clear direction from the outset.

Thought-provoking and enjoyable, it is certainly a book worth reading, ‘a journey worth embarking upon’ and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Pat S

Thought provoking

This is a very thought provoking book, which is well written by this talented author.

Patricia A M

Impressive overview of spiritual thinking about life and death without being too ‘new-agey’

This book is a lucid encapsulation of a post-scientism position on the nature of existence. Well-written and a long way from the credulous certainty often present in the ‘enlightenment’ section of the bookshop, here is assembled an impressive referencing of empirical observations and experiences relating to reincarnation, near-death experience, the existence of the soul and what may happen after death, brought together into a coherent whole.

The wide-ranging nature of material that feeds into this spiritual overview is impressive, and even with some grounding in this field there were points I had not come across and where I was prompted to revisit and reconsider my own thinking about the issues. The broad spread of information will mean there may be individual points to take issue with, but stimulating your thinking and encouraging discussion seems part of the remit. This is not a book that particularly preaches, more one that encourages you to think and think again about life and inevitable death.

Sections exploring karma and the use of conversations with mediums are less convincing for people who require hard evidence and near-certainty, indeed anyone whose ears are fortified against a spiritual perspective on life and death will probably fail to be persuaded. But many of the principles discussed are those espoused by respected spiritual traditions and teachers, so if you are of a reasoned, open-minded disposition, and even if you are unable to countenance all the viewpoints covered, this is a book to get you thinking about how to make more productive use of your time on Earth.

Christopher L

Congratulations to the author for bringing so much well researched information together

Congratulations to the author for bringing so much well researched information together in a very personable and readable way. I have come across similar ideas before in one way or another but not collected together in a single book. This is a book that encapsulates experiences from an exceptional range of sources, whilst bringing Francis’s personal and clear interpretations to bear on the subject of continuation of life.

There is much here to encourage us to speculate deeply on our own life journeys and I look forward to seeing more books from Francis in the future.

Amazon Customer

They think it’s all over…

Settle down and get yourself comfortable, as you’re not going to want to put this book down.
The book is very engaging and aimed at a level that I was able to understand and in part, relate to. The way the book is written, makes it such an easy read. Just what you need when you’ve got a weighty subject matter to process.

Having been to post-mortems… a society and culture who pride ourselves on being educated and superior to other cultures…we really treat our ‘vessels’ like a Sunday chicken….giblets and all! I don’t mind the possibility that this really isn’t it.

I’ve felt comfortable reading the subject matter and it’s made me recall my own experiences, and remind myself that what I have experienced is ok….

I look forward to reading more …. book reviews on Life and Death

Sian S

A well-written book which examines the subject in a refreshing new light

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dream’t of in your philosophy.” (Hamlet.)

“Physics teaches us what we can know about the universe. It doesn’t tell us what it is.” (Werner Heisenberg, one of the founders of quantum theory.)

These quotes came to my mind while reading Francis o”Neill’s book. I have read many books, both of the popular science variety and those that might be lumped under the general heading of the paranormal.

For me, there is no contradiction between the two subjects. The paranormal is just that- a normal part of nature that exists beyond the realm of scientific investigation. The fact that it does so, does not make it any less real. Francis’s book goes some way towards, as the title suggests, “making sense of it.”

He starts with some personal insights that explain what set him upon the path to discover more about this alternative reality. The book is easily readable from the beginning, combining this personal approach, often leavened with a light touch of humour, with Francis’s research into known phenomena, such as the misnamed “near-death experiences,” ghosts, spiritual communication with the dead, and poltergeists. He covers religious and philosophical attitudes to death and the concept of soul. I found Francis’s personal accounts of his encounters with ghosts particularly compelling.

There will always be those who are sceptical about books such as this. However, for the open-minded, it offers a well-presented and compelling argument for the transcendence of spiritual life over human existence.


Congratulations on presenting a daunting subject so positively

When I started reading this book I was entering new territory with no preconceptions or thoughts on the subject matter. I had a totally open mind.

Having read book I feel as though I have been on a journey of exploration. I have to congratulate the author on what he has written.

I don’t feel that I can critically comment on the book, as what I have read is new to me. That said I thoroughly enjoyed reading it – the learning, different perspectives and arguments that were presented. I particularly liked the passages dealing with soul. I actually feel uplifted and bizarrely somewhat optimistic about whatever end life has to offer. At the outset I didn’t anticipate that this would be the outcome.

Amazon Customer

Excellent book for curious readers

A very interesting read, covering a range of thoughts and theories about what happens after death. The author’s own experiences are particularly engaging.

I found I was able to dip in and out of the book with ease.

Definitely recommend to anybody who is curious about life after death.

I hope he will keep on putting his ideas into publication and I totally recommend his book to everyone.


A book that will bring enlightenment to anyone who thinks there is more to life than is usually considered

Francis O’Neill has put an enormous amount of time, research and effort into bringing out a book that will bring enlightenment to anyone who thinks there is more to life than is usually considered. His style shows humour yet he has covered some very difficult areas in his research.

He has not left a stone unturned in his questioning and seeking out information and brings the results for us to consider with a fresh and yet simple approach.

This book will certainly make people think and I am sure that is exactly what the author intended.
I hope he will keep on putting his ideas into publication and I totally recommend his book to everyone – after all, as he says, the subject affects us all.

Veronica Grey

Proof that’s there more to ‘life!’

An insightful and artful book which aims to bridge the ‘gap’ between the two sides of life. Certainly a read which makes you think beyond the everyday and to contemplate the bigger questions! Well worth the journey!

Chris Partridge

A life changing book, literally

I have recently lost my beloved mother and words cannot describe how I feel. It is worse than any physical pain as this ends at some point but emotional pain is invisible but wreaks total havoc. So I read this book and could not put it down. It is very gently written but at the same time immensely powerful, as it challenges you to really think outside the box, i.e., this world. I am a spiritual person anyway but I found the book very comforting. The author has written a book which is warm and engaging and really, particularly in the last chapters, makes you turn a corner in your mind; and it has a life changing effect on you. Beautiful.

Tiger Lily72

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    I read this book slowly because there was so much content to think about. In many ways It was very convincing, but also led the way to exploring even further. I like the way the book was organized and certain parts of it I reread more than once. If you have any interest whatsoever in the subject of life and death, this is the book to read.

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