Dream – The Mental Prison

by The Hapster

Ed note: How do you feel about dreams? Just a clearing process to help the mind clear the clutter of the day? Something deeper, or sometimes deeper and more profound – perhaps a nudge written in symbolical narrative, from your unconscious?[ Dream – The Mental Prison ]

It is argued we dream between three and five times a night – as observed in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep – and mostly we don’t remember our dreams. Common sense might suggest we will in any case only remember the last one of the night – unless we are into the habit of waking and making a note. Sometimes though we can have a dream that is so vivid and profound that it hardly matters whether we write it down or not – we remember it as clear as day…!

Dream - the mental prison
The Hapster

The Mental Prison

To set the scene; a few weeks ago I went over to my mum’s house to fix and reattach a six foot gate and post to the rear garden.

The dream: I went to visit my mum and to make sure the gate was still standing proud, which it was.

The police were working on the house next door to my mum’s, doing the garden and fence. Being a nosey neighbour I had a look at what was going on. The cops were fine and they said there were more of them working on the garages round the back of the house and to pop down there![ Dream – The Mental Prison ]

Later… getting processed

Later that night a few of us (I was with other people at this point) popped down to the garages and some bloke, not sure who (maybe plain clothed officer) told us to get inside, form an orderly queue and that we will all be processed.

The man behind the desk was asking each person in turn how much cash we had on us. I looked into a black wallet and I had about 100, of what looked like, euros. They were changing the currency so that 1 euro = 1 new currency. I told myself I wasn’t going to change to that new currency. I left the euros in my wallet and as I was being processed I told the man I left my wallet at home.

We were then given balaclavas and told to put them on our heads and stand over by the wall. There we stood for what seemed like three days and nights, but it was only one night.

I kept saying to myself I’ve got to get out of here, I’ve got to stay positive, that’s what they all teach! But I also told myself to make it a big purpose, it had to be bigger than me. So I kept imagining that I was seeing my wife and son again. [ Dream – The Mental Prison ]

I thought to myself, ‘Don’t smoke that last cigarette, like they did in World War 2. Keep thinking how you will get out!

Then a scene from the film ‘The Pianist’ came through and I was to start playing the piano! I twiddled my fingers, playing an imaginary keyboard, as if to say this is what I do and will continue to do when I get out.

But I stopped myself because I had to stick to what I’m good at and what I have a passion for – not start jumping from one idea to the next.

Next day…

Next morning, fellow detainees were leaving and were free. But I wasn’t included. I was thinking how come they weren’t letting me go. I decided I would make a run for it. I still had my wallet, I could probably scale the wall and do a bunk.

I looked in my wallet and the 100 euros I thought I had were now several pieces of blank paper! Yes, blank! I thought to myself, ‘money is neutral, it’s only the feelings we give it that marks its significance‘.

Finally, I removed the balaclava and I went to have a word with an officer as to why I wasn’t released earlier, protesting my innocence, haven’t seen my family for a few days, etc, etc.

The officer replied, ‘You were always free, you volunteered to imprison yourself.’

The dream ends…


The poignant message I took from this dream was in the last paragraph – the mental prison that we volunteer ourselves into. We are free, we always have been and always will be… if only we will allow ourselves to be.

Ed note: If you have had a vivid dream, with an inspirational message, let us know about it.

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Dream – The Mental Prison
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