The Illusion of Reality

Yin and Yang - The Illusion of RealityEd note: This Illusion of Reality YouTube video (nearly 26 mins long) refers to the Bible, consciousness, quantum physics, ancient knowledge, and the effects of sound on matter.

This is a bit of a mish-mash of film footage and ideas, but importantly does also include some inspired commentary on the illusion of reality – reality as we know it.

Commentary from the video

‘Our true consciousness does not exist in our brains or in our bodies.

But this illusion of our individual bodies, along with the misinformation of our true origins has manifested the idea that we all think independently from one another.

With this misunderstanding it would seem impossible to scientifically explain telepathy, clairvoyance, spiritual mediums, and other phenomena dealing with transferring information between sources without physical means of communication.

But when you understand there is a common spiritual bond between all things in the Universe, and that we are all part of the one divine intelligence, no phenomena is unexplainable.

The blank matter within the most basic building blocks of perceivable existence is malleable and moulded by intent. This means that consciousness shapes our reality…’

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