Are we alone in the Universe?

Heck are we even alone here?

Francis O’Neill (30/03/2014)
Are we alone in the Universe image
Are we alone in the Universe?

Well, are we alone in the Universe? What do you think? Maybe we need to start grasping the bigger picture as we stroll around the Milky Way on our planet Earth. After all there may be something worth waking up for – could be our neighbours are in need of a good cup of coffee too.

The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space. Carl Sagan

Update 17/02/2017: It transpires that Winston Churchill asked this very same question in an essay he drafted back in 1939 – that has only just come to light. An article by Mario Livio in Nature covers it. Visit to find out more. A PDF download of the article is also available.

Hubble Deep Field – and the most important image ever taken.

NASA’s Alien Anomalies, caught on film – a compilation of stunning UFO footage. Check out Part Two too!

I buy into the idea that some ufos could be organic rather than machines. Indeed could some be shape shifting energy, a form of life we don’t yet know about? What do you think?

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