What is an Holistic Spiritual worldview?

What is an Holistic Spiritual worldview?

Francis O’Neill What is an Holistic Spiritual worldview?

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As you probably know Holistic means the whole system or being. The word comes from the Greek holos. This is the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Spiritual of course means spirit or soul, but I would also include awakening or consciousness.

Being combined is a reminder that we are all in this together.

By its nature this view covers a big area of belief from the ecological to the mind body and spirit, to the esoteric, to alternative, to new age.

It encompasses strands from many world religions. Notably Eastern (Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Zen Buddhist and Taoist) beliefs are, and have been, an influence on its development.

But then also the more esoteric traditions of the Abrahamic religions (such as in Kabbalah, Sufism, Christian Science) may be included, along with paganism and spiritualism. Psychic abilities, mediumship, the paranormal, NDE, ESP, UFOs, crop-circles, the Law of Attraction are all examples of topic areas of interest and study.

Other areas include the holistic arts, such as astrology, the tarot, numerology; and  healing arts such as crystal healing, hypnotherapy, reiki, shiatsu, acupuncture, or homeopathy. It also draws on the findings of science (for instance in cosmology and quantum theory) and technologies that support an holistic worldview – as in ecological developments for wind, tidal and solar energy that help to improve the planet.

In other words this paradigm draws on an eclectic mix of sources, materials and practices, both ancient and modern.

Individualistic belief and consciousness

For the individual it offers a pick & mix approach to understanding and belief. This may sound messy, but with emancipation comes responsibility. A moral compass is developing out of it…

It allows each person to break free of convention (and indoctrination) that fails to include the holistic vision. People are making choices, deciding for themselves what they wish to subscribe to, and believe in. The Internet has also aided and abetted this growing sense of emancipation, and freedom to explore alternative viewpoints.

It is messy at this point but it will distil down…

What I see as drawing it together is the belief in, and exploration of, consciousness, or in a spirituality that includes consciousness and the interconnectiveness of everything.

The holistic & spiritual worldview is likely to include belief in the afterlife, in karma and reincarnation. God/s can also be included but less likely to be the god/s of orthodox or world religions. A god may be feminine, as in Gaia, or less anthropomorphised as in the notion of a Source that is neither male nor female. I call this “Love” and have written about it in my book, Love’s Story of Why We Are Here.

The Meaningful world we are heading into…

This paradigm implies, in essence, that we live in a “meaningful” world, driven by spiritual/intelligent forces. In many respects this is a worldview coming of age. It’s roots however go back many thousands of years.

It is still however finding its legs. It still meets with a lot of resistance. It is reflected in the other, more established/conventional worldviews as being fringe, often woo-woo, pseudoscience and possibly dangerous. It is however the worldview we are all heading towards, regardless. Unless these other worldviews catch up, update, it is set to replace the Abrahamic religions and the mechanistic/materialistic worldview of our orthodox sciences, most probably within this century.

Taking us to new horizons – homeward angel

This is the paradigm that will free us from the gods, dark fears, treadmills and manipulations of our past.

It encourages us towards physical and spiritual emancipation, to discover our individual uniqueness, to learn to love ourselves and get onboard the adventure – beyond preoccupation with our 9 to 5 routines. To take our rightful place in the scheme of things, in the cosmos, to be aware of our place in our Milky Way galaxy, and to be linking with our brothers and sisters out there, who are waiting on us to awake and come out to play…

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