Some Inspiration Christmas eBook Bundle

Some Inspiration Christmas eBook bundle | 1 imageThree eBooks to Lift your Christmas spirits…

Take an excursion into Christmas. Get inspired to get healthy all-round. And make a start in 2018 to change your life forever.

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Some Inspiration Christmas eBook Bundle

And so… This is Christmas

This eBook includes four commentaries on Christmas. It explores:

  • The secular view of Christmas
  • Christmas in the past
  • Christmas and its links with Jesus
  • Astrology, and the messiah’s birth

Take a journey into the roots behind Christmas.

The book offers an overview of the Christmas story, covering how we tend to view Christmas now; how it was viewed in the past; its association with Jesus; and the astrology surrounding the birth of a messiah.

My intention with this book is to help balance the story, a little, regarding what Christmas means now to what it would have originally meant in the past.

The astrology part may not be so well known, with its links to the Star of Bethlehem, with the Magi, or as a means of dating the birth of Jesus.
Some Inspiration Christmas eBook Bundle

Steps to Health Wealth & Inner Peace

This eBook offers insight into getting healthy and staying healthy.

It covers essential tips and advice on success in life. It includes:

  • Advice on essential exercise to keep fit
  • Self-hypnosis advice and an exercise
  • Using creative visualisation to draw towards you what you need
  • A guide to meditation and
  • Buddhist essentials to a better spiritual life.

Steps to Health Wealth & Inner Peace will give you all the information and essential tools you need to get all fired-up and get into a healthier and wealthier frame of mind. Indeed to help you to make a success of your life in mind, in body and spirit.

Bonus: 7 Principles leading to success

As a bonus the book also carries seven highly recommended principles for running a business, or running your life – discovered through research with a group of top-flight business people.
Some Inspiration Christmas eBook Bundle

The Master Key System

by Charles Haanel

This remarkable eBook, The Master Key System, is a self-help, personal development work. It comes highly recommended.

This book provides a valuable reference source in the New Thought movement. It is one of the early 20th Century books in developing the use of thought, or creative visualisation, in context with the Law of Attraction.

It is, in other words, a wellspring for the concepts and technology for how our minds can affect the change we want in our lives, and dynamically so.

The book pre-empted Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Indeed Hill is reputed to have drawn ideas for writing his book from studying Haanel’s book.

24 week course

It was originally intended as a 24-week correspondence course, and this (Some Inspiration Publication) version retains that integrity.

Here’s a challenge: Choose to make a New Year’s resolution to work through this book, week by week, and enjoy making a great success of 2018.

Note, these books are available in pdf format.

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