Need help with your next SINGLE cover?

If you like the covers I design for Annie Locke and need a cover with some oomph for your next single, read on… Need help with your next Single cover?

Need help with your next Single cover? Annie Locke covers image

Hello, I’m Francis O’Neill. I’ve been around graphic design for years – from designing business cards, flyers to brochures, to my own book covers – see site banner.

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I design (with Annie’s input) all of Annie Locke’s singles covers and posters – such as for The Feminine Touch shows. I also did all the work on her last album, A Glimmer of Hope.

I’ll be honest, offering this as a service is new to me and I’m testing the water. This is also one reason why I am keeping my price as low as possible.

I’m offering to do covers for New Age/New Age Piano/Classical SINGLEs only at this point.

How this will work

If you are interested in using my services then this is the way forward for our helping each other. To keep costs down to a minimum I suggest the following:

You provide

You provide me with up to three images together with your text – that is title, artist and any other text you want displayed on the cover. If you have a font in mind that you’d prefer me to use, let me know.

For time, personal taste and copyright reasons, it is better that you find and decide what image/s you would like to use from the outset.

If you want a combination of images – as for instance in Annie’s, A Tale of Love and Mystery single (see above), two images were blended together there – give consideration as to the likelihood of their working together. This could take up time and I may have to charge extra for it.

Don’t know where to begin? If you are not certain where to start from, I will give you suggestions of where you can go to find images (and what is a suitable size) online.

I’ll provide

I’ll provide you with draft covers from your chosen image/s.

I’ll do everything in my power to make the final image a one-off – so, if you have acquired copyright free images online, you don’t suffer the consequences of seeing another track using the same image.

I’ll provide the final square image at sizes you can use online and/or for printing purposes should you need. This is bespoke – you tell me – but commonly for online these will be 96ppi resolution, 500², 800² and 3k²  pixels size. For printing 3k square size @ 300 (or 600 if you prefer) dpi. Common file types JPG, PNG or TIFF (largest in terms of memory size).

My price $38.00
[The price quoted is a starting price and may increase depending on your requirements. If you can keep to the guidelines above it will be no more than this price.]


Contact me initially via the website contact page. Let me know what you are looking for, and when you need it by.

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