Elephants and Feng Shui harmony

Note, this Elephants and Feng Shui harmony article also carries advertising for some selected elephant products via Amazon – and we hope you will find both article and products of interest. [ Elephants and Feng Shui harmony ]

Elephants and Feng Shui harmony - African Bush Elephant image
African Elephant courtesy Wikipedia

Why you should consider having a statue of an elephant to help beautify your home or garden.

Elephants are just beautiful and powerful creatures. As you probably know they are amongst the largest land animals – the African Bush elephant is indeed the largest land animal (an African bull elephant can stand up to 4m tall) – but did you know they are herbivores (vegetarians) too?

Foodwise they can put away around 8 percent of their bodyweight and drink up to 60 gallons of water in a day.

Largest brain

Elephants have the largest brain, inch thick skin, and a trunk that can be up to 8 feet long. They can weight up to 6 tonnes and have an average life-span of 60 years or more – the oldest recorded was Lin Wang, an Asian male elephant, who died at 86 at Taipei Zoo, Taiwan.

Having mentioned the Asian elephant I should point out that there are generally recognised two kinds of elephant, the Asian elephant and the African Bush elephant. But there is also the African Forest elephant that is another type in its own right. [ Elephants and Feng Shui harmony ]

The Asian is noted for its smaller ears, and twin-domed head, and is generally smaller than the African elephant – with its single more flattened dome and much larger ears. There are other differences too. Both are related to the extinct mammoth.


According to twistedsifter.com a wide variety of behaviours associated with intelligence have been attributed to elephants, including those associated with grief, making music, art, altruism, play, use of tools, compassion and self-awareness.

I might add if you want to see some fabulous photographs of elephants, take a look at their website – especially images by Nick Brandt. [ Elephants and Feng Shui harmony ]

Elephant ornaments/statues

The elephants on the carousel below are all available on Amazon.

When it comes to having an elephant in your home or garden – well it is going to be a lot less messy and less expensive to have an ornament or statue than the real thing.

Elephants are held in high esteem in eastern religions – you have probably heard of Ganesha, the elephant headed god who is widely devoted by Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and beyond India. Ganesha is revered as the ‘remover of obstacles, the patron of the arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom’.

Given that insight then hardly surprising that the elephant, in statue form, carries some of Ganesha’s powers; is considered good feng shui the bringer of harmony, strength, silent power, peacefulness and majesty. It is considered a good omen for generating stability, kindness and good fortune. It also conjures protection, wisdom and fertility.

As with placing a Buddha statue (see Getting a Buddha for your home or garden), allow your intuition to help you decide where best to place an elephant ornament or statue – where it looks and feels right is most probably right. This is really a personal matter. [ Elephants and Feng Shui harmony ]

Here are a couple of pointers you might consider:

1. Protection

Many Asian buildings will have two elephants stationed at the entrance to guard it. Considered to be protective and invoking dignity and respect. There is a restaurant, local to me here in the UK, that has two beautiful painted, what must be a metre high, statues outside the entrance, and apart from anything else they just make the place look attractive and special.

You don’t need to be quite so elaborate, you could for instance place one or two elephant ornaments on a table inside the entrance or hallway of your house or flat.

Similar to placing a Buddha statue inside main reception rooms, the elephant/s should be facing into the room (from wherever it is placed, say on a shelf, bookcase, floor or mantlepiece) and it is helpful to have it pointing towards the doorway, for protection.

2. The elephant’s trunk

A real elephant’s trunk is adapted for many functions. It is a very sensitive, flexible and strong piece of equipment used for drinking, hosing down the body, picking up food, for meet and greet purposes and also for defence.

In feng shui the elephant having its trunk raised symbolizes a showering of good fortune. With the trunk down it is said to invoke fertility and is used for that purpose in households. An ornament of two elephants with trunks entwined is said to help bring about good friendships/relationships.

Well I hope you found this of interest.

May your elephant/s bring you great fortune!

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Elephants and Feng Shui harmony