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Astrology Reports from Some Inspiration | astrological earth imageLooking for some clarity on who you are, your life – and where you are heading over the year ahead!?

Astrology reports from Some Inspiration are currently available for Birthchart, and 12 Month Forecast – with more options to follow.

Is this for you?

The reports offered here are essentially for you, if you are seeking to gain a better understanding of your potential and life path.

You may also be inquisitive about astrology, and what it can offer, that is specific to you – instead of the generalised version of astrology offered in newspapers and magazine columns.

It’s also a great place to start for anyone considering taking up a serious study of astrology.

They make an excellent gift, not only for others but as a gift to ourselves. The reports provide necessary birthchart and interpretation that are drawn from the Western (tropical zodiac) approach to astrology.

They are produced via professional astrology software, with presentation, additional editing and comments being provided by the astrologer. The price of each reflects the way they are produced.

All reports provide useful information that will require some thought and study in order to synthesise and grasp the insights being provided. To help with this, the reports are divided up into key areas with helpful notes and ease of access to those areas.

Needing one-to-one help instead?

These reports offer a valuable and inexpensive starting point to understanding who we are, and where we are heading. If however you are needing a one-to-one astrological consultation then, as likely as not, these reports will not be quite suitable to help meet your needs.

If this is your situation, and you are looking to find a professional astrologer, the following link will help you locate one: Find an Astrologer.

Choose from the following links:

Birthchart Astrological Report

The Compatibility Report

The (12 Months)Forecast Report

Birthchart and Forecast Reports combined

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About Some Inspiration Astrological Reports

These products are provided under Some Inspiration Publications.
The reports are produced by Francis O’Neill. Francis has been a practicing astrologer for 40 years. His work has involved giving private readings, talks, and writing about the subject – see articles below. He has diplomas in astrology with both the Faculty of Astrological Studies (diploma with distinction) and the Mayo School of Astrology. Both organisations are based in the UK.

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