Getting a Buddha for your home or garden

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A statue of the Buddha can really help to beautify your home or garden and bring peace and tranquillity to your environment.

From a feng shui viewpoint a Buddha statue will help to assist the movement of chi energy throughout your home and or garden spaces. It is also believed that while it aids the movement of chi, it brings abundance and helps to keep away unwanted negative energies. [ Getting a Buddha for your home or garden ]

Many Buddhists will decide upon a central area where they incorporate a Buddha statue to honour it, and the whole given over to being a location for prayer, meditation, peace and tranquility.

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Of course you don’t have to be a Buddhist or get Buddhist advice for this. Simply set aside a location and then place your Buddha statue as say a symbol of peace and serenity – or because it just looks and feels right in this or that particular spot. There is no reason to limit it to one Buddha around your environment either – it’s wherever a location seems right in your home or garden. [ Getting a Buddha for your home or garden ]

Some pointers to consider for positioning

It helps if you consider the statue to be like a wise honourable person who brings good energies into your life, and is deserving of respect and a place of reverence.

In the garden

Avoid placing directly on the bare earth, so preferably above the ground, on perhaps a stone plinth or low wall.

The statue needs to be facing in the direction of the house to bestow abundance on the house – meanwhile not a bad idea to have the Buddha overlooking your lawn and flower beds. Also, if possible, facing east to the sunrise. [ Getting a Buddha for your home or garden ]

In the home

Place most probably in whatever is your lounge, living room or front room – and off the floor.

Always place facing into the room unless preferred at an entrance where it is best set facing those who are entering your house or room.

Keep your statue away from clutter – there needs to be harmony and order around it. You can however place feathers – something I did without realising it is meant to be a good thing to do – or personal spiritual item/s or sacred candles close by.

You might think of placing your Buddha where you do your reading, thinking or writing – on a desk next to your computer for example – but never on top of computer equipment or on top of, say, a television.

A definite no no is placing in a bathroom, loo or kitchen. It is considered disrespectful and you can probably work out why. If in your bedroom then behind closed doors when not being used for prayer or meditation.

Before you buy a Buddha do check out that it is suitable for the location you have in mind. If the garden then of course you need to know it will be able to withstand the elements. [ Getting a Buddha for your home or garden ]

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Getting a Buddha for your home or garden

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