Reviews of Love’s Story of Why We Are Here

Reviews of Love’s Story of Why We Are Here

A “hard-core” Mind Body & Spirit book

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Reviews of Love’s Story of Why We Are Here, copied from Amazon reviews.

A really fascinating and absorbing book!

This is one of the most intriguing and absorbing books I’ve read!

Involving the not inconsiderable issue of why we are here on this planet, it links science, consciousness, the soul and love in a way I’ve never experienced before. It’s very readable, and I just wanted to keep turning the pages to find out what was coming next!

It’s obvious that a lot of research has been done in many fields by the author to amplify and corroborate his fascinating story – of us, our planet, our universe and beyond, and how there is another important dimension to the story of evolution that Darwin didn’t cover! It’s so beautifully explained that I didn’t even balk at a short section involving quantum physics, of which I knew absolutely nothing!

In the end, this book is, as i’s title tells us, about love – and how understanding these links between us and our surroundings is important, both in this story of love, and to us, as human beings wanting to leave the world a better place than when we first arrived.

Do read this book if you think it might interest you in any way. You’ll be missing an awful lot if you don’t.

Annie L.

Intriguing weave of ideas

For those seeking a synthesis of one man’s spiritual journey, this book hits the nail on the head. The many disciplines combined bring forth the author’s unique take on Life and Love. Recommended for those sifting through various philosophies, looking for some new perspectives.

Lloyd E Shaffer

Beyond and behind the Veil

This book grapples with the eternal question what do we do with our lives and what do they mean. Going beyond the fatalistic view of getting up going to work, coming home from work, having a few hours of spare time, going to sleep, and repeating that depressing cycle until you die. This book combines or looks at several different means of, or rather ways of extracting meaning from life. If you view life is more than simply an evolved life form with some form of consciousness and do not wish to sit idly by and watch mind numbing TV programs all evening then this book will point you at alternative solutions that will enrich your life, allow you to extract meaning from the every day events, and also move beyond perhaps the Presbyterian predestination idea. And it will give you a way to take control or perhaps better choice of words it will allow you to steer the ship of life as it goes through the inevitable periods of calm and also raging storms of life and what is before, beyond and perhaps behind life.

Amazon Customer

An Hypothesis not to be missed!

In his third book ‘Love’s Story of Why we are here’ the author continues to challenge our perspective on life and presents a very interesting hypothesis that ALL life is seeking to awaken. This hypothesis is supported with the ‘Life and Consciousness Model’ showing how everything has a role to play. The Model is creative, intellectually stimulating and challenging.

Once again, he draws upon the ‘familiar’ to aid understanding and this is key to the chapter ‘Love’s Story’ which enables the reader to appreciate and understand the very hypothesis on which this book is based.

Certainly thought-provoking and enjoyable to read and as with previous books, I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Pat S

A pleasure to read

This is the second of Francis’s books that I have had the pleasure of reading. A thought provoking journey as to why we ‘are here’ and what has love got to do with it!?

This book is nicely written, enabling the reader to pause, digest and then continue. Diagrams thoughtfully punctuate dialogue, so for those of you who appreciate visual aids, there are several.

Not a book to be rushed. Clear your head, have a read and ask those questions. You will not be disappointed.


The Theory of Everything!

Move over Stephen Hawkins as Francis O’Neill takes us on an alternative ‘spiritual’ journey of why we are here. He brings together beautifully the threads of our existence, from quantum theory to extraterrestrial life, binding them together to form a story of Universal love striving to express and experience itself. An optimistic, stimulating and satisfying reminder that there is a ‘point’ to it all!

Chris Partridge

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Published: July 14th 2018. Paperback: ISBN 9780993462641; eBook: 9780993462658
All versions of the book (paperback and eBooks) will include: Introduction, nine chapters and an epilogue; notes and references at the end of each chapter; a bibliography; an Index. Book length, 162 pages.

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