Christmas Past [PDF]


Christmas Past offers the intriguing stories behind why and how we celebrate Christmas – including an astrological perspective.

Christmas Past [PDF]

Christmas Past – bitesize backstories behind the ways we celebrate Christmas.

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Did you know for instance…

  • Christmas, by another name, was celebrated before it became part of the Christian calendar? It’s not difficult to work out why.
  • Santa Claus and Father Christmas are not one and the same person? I used to think they were.
  • The “Star of Bethlehem” was arguably not a star at all but a conjunction of two major planets?
  • There was an astrological prediction, heralding the arrival of a warrior king/messiah, that was made back in ancient times, well before Jesus was born? And it ties in with the same conjunction.
  • Jesus was probably born seven years before the date we have set for his birth?

Whether you did or didn’t know the answers to these questions, I’m sure you’ll find the exploration around them of interest, food for thought…

This compact book contains six commentaries on Christmas and includes four natal charts for 7 BC.

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