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About Western Astrology is an introductory short course of four videos on the astrology we use in the West.

The course covers what proper astrology actually is, as different from the popular version of it – as portrayed in the media. It focuses on explaining the non-predictive Western natal astrology. It includes birthchart examples, including an overview of the birthchart of Mozart.

Course Information

Suitable for: Anyone seeking to find out more about what Western astrology actually is.
Level: Beginner
Estimated Time: Around 45 minutes.


What you’ll learn

This course will provide you with an overview of Western astrology – with a focus on natal astrology. You will learn what Western astrology really is, including a number of misconceptions about it. At very least you will gain familiarity with astrology as used here in the West, as different from astrology as described in the media. You’ll also have opportunity to learn about the birthchart of Mozart.


This course includes the following videos:

Earth zodiac logo | 2 imagePart 1: What is Proper Astrology?
Explains what Western astrology really is, as compared with Sun sign astrology. It includes:

  • A couple of big misconceptions…
  • What proper astrology is.
  • Should astrology be considered a science in the modern sense?
  • Do astronomers really know astrology?

Earth zodiac logo | 2 imagePart 2: The Backstory to Astrology
It includes:

  • A couple of misconceptions regarding when astrology began.
  • A bitesize look at the roots or backstory to this art…

Earth zodiac logo | 2 imagePart 3: More Misconceptions
More misconceptions. It includes:

  • More obvious misrepresentations and criticisms associated with astrology – stemming from the media and sceptics.
  • Discussion on these to aid a better understanding of Western astrology.

Earth zodiac logo | 2 imagePart 4: Western Natal Astrology
What Western natal astrology covers, and the intentions behind it. It includes:

  • Taking a look at the Western birthchart components.
  • Comments on the birthchart of Mozart.
  • Plus where to next.

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