Music for Heart n Soul 7 – Music to move mountains

by Francis O’Neill

Music to move mountains | Music for Heart n Soul Jukebox image

Turn up the speakers…

I had a dream during the early hours of this morning where I heard a beautiful piece of music playing. I later woke up with it playing in my head. This was music to move mountains I thought.

I don’t know about you but it is not that unusual for music to be playing away in this manner when I awake. Very often it is a pop song that is on a loop. Just a day or two ago it was Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark – and I couldn’t turn it off.

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark

Uploaded by BruceSpringsteenVEVO

I should pay more attention to the words as they probably have significance for me right now.

Very often I hear Annie Locke’s music playing. She is working hard finishing tracks for her new piano album – A Glimmer of Hope. She improvises her music and it pours out of her – and I often hear replays in my head. You’ll be able to hear the album soon enough yourself.

The music in my dream

So anyhow, regards this piece of music playing in my head this morning; well I decided to do a bit of research on it. I discovered it is called ‘Slane,’ a traditional Irish folk tune – and thereby links me to my roots.

You may probably know it better as the hymn, ‘Lord Of All Hopefulness,’ or the hymn, ‘Be Thou My Vision.’ I’m not greatly religious in the conventional sense – I walked away from all that many years ago – but believe me this is music to move mountains. Here are two versions of Be Thou My Vision. Enjoy!

Be Thou My Vision – Traditional (Violin & Harp)

Uploaded by The Webb Family

If you want the lyrics pay attention to this next version:

Be Thou My Vision – Lyrics (Celtic Version)

Uploaded by bobf72450

Sweet musical dreams!

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