Good Ship Earth Prayer

Good Ship Earth Prayer | Picture of 'blue marble' Earth, the Overview Effect

May you find this Good Ship Earth Prayer thought-provoking and of some comfort and benefit in your life – and indeed for the lives of others. [ Good Ship Earth Prayer ]

It’s a fair assumption that there is no planet akin to “our home” — this beautiful, awesome and extraordinary blue gem — for light years in any direction.

And, just as extraordinary, very probably there is no lifeform akin to ourselves for the same distance…  Some might say, ‘Thank God for that!’ — well okay, given the time we are taking to wake up to our actual situation and the responsibilities we have.  But, it might be argued, the fact that we are awakening at all is truly remarkable in itself!

Good Ship Earth Prayer image

The text: A Simple Prayer for all who sail on the Good Ship Earth

I pray for us, my brothers and sisters around the Earth. I pray that all of us may link more closely with each other, undoing the darkness and fears, and spiritual ignorance that have so divided us.[ Good Ship Earth Prayer ]

Becoming more awake, more loving, more understanding beings. More fogiving of our past. More embracing of each other and of our planet the Earth; and of the plants, animals and creatures that travel with us, upon the good ship Earth. May peace and peace and peace be everywhere.

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Good Ship Earth Prayer