Getting Inspiration to be inspired

Getting inspiration to be inspired

But what does the word ‘inspiration’ mean?

Getting Inspiration to be inspired
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You know it is so easy to overlook the obvious sometimes. Recently a friend was looking at the Some Inspiration website and then turned to me and said, ‘Yeah great, but what does the word “Inspiration” mean anyhow? [ Getting Inspiration to be inspired ]

I was put on the spot. Here was I thinking that everyone would know what the word meant, but of course here was I making an assumption, a wrong assumption at that. As the site is flying the flag for ‘inspiration’ if anyone should have an answer to what it is, that would be me. Well I gave a glib answer I suppose, relating to the content on the site. It did however make me think about the matter to the point of doing a short post on it.

Getting inspiration to be inspired

Well I’ll start with what I’d call a mechanical definition of ‘inspiration’ which is drawing air into the lungs – the opposite of ‘expiration’. No one is going to suggest that breathing in and out is not good for you, body and soul, so keep doing it – whether you feel inspired or not.[ Getting Inspiration to be inspired ]

What most of us probably understand ‘inspiration’ to mean is more to do with a state of being. A state of being lifted or going in the direction that incorporates a degree of joy, breaking new boundaries, or what makes us feel good about ourselves.

At one level inspiration is being moved by something we have experienced with any of our five senses. It could be in an aroma, in something we have seen, in something we have touched, tasted or heard. A film or piece of music that plays with our emotions, tugs on the heartstrings, can help us feel uplifted and centred – indeed inspired.

Help inspire others

Inspiration could be in the unexpected, or beyond the call of duty – the helping hand of a friend or neighbour – that inspires one to look at people differently. You might even be that friend or neighbour and find inspiration in helping another. Remember the words of Albert Schweitzer:

You must give some time to your fellow men – do something for others – for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.

Inspiration could be found in anything that moves us to making an important decision, or take a certain action, and feel good about it. Giving us an intuitive sense of moving in the right direction.

Inspiration has links with the creative process. Sometimes we need to feel ‘moved’ to begin or initiate something new. [ Getting Inspiration to be inspired ]

Inspiration has links with feelings of love, giving love and feeling love. It has links with a sense of being in touch with a deeper (or higher) part of ourself. That is ‘inspiration’ equals ‘in-spirit’, or living in spirit.

Getting over setbacks

If we have suffered a setback, we often need something to inspire us, to help us regroup and move on beyond the setback. And that could be in a quote, in a story, perhaps sharing a joke with a friend might bring back that spark.

Or it could be in a change of lifestyle, in information that makes us think afresh about our life and possibilities. It could be in an effective technique, such as meditation or using self-hypnosis, to bring about change for the better in our subconscious beliefs and habits. [ Getting Inspiration to be inspired ]

Some Inspiration website/blog was setup with just such an intention to help inspire – and it is hoped that you may find some inspiration here too… Let us know your thoughts on the matter.

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