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Learn How to Read a Birth-chart

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About Course

Learn How to Read a Birth-chart

Astrology course: Learn how to read a birth-chart… your birth-chart and the charts of other people – your family or friends.

Would you like to discover who you are, what makes you tick, get insight into why you are here at this time on the Earth?

Indeed, would you like to find, and really get to know, your higher Self?

Astrology provides a map for just such a journey – that is your birth-chart (alternatively known as your natal-chart).

Ernest Hemingway Birth-chart | 693x96 image for Learn How to Read a Birth-chart.

But before you set off, you have to know how to read it!

The Learn How to Read a Birth-chart course is what will get you there.

The course will teach you not only how to read your birth-chart, but also the charts of other people, such as your family or friends.

You might think that with all the millions of people who follow their stars online and in newspapers and magazines, a lot of them would have a birth-chart, and know how to read it.

Sadly, it is not the case.

Probably most people won’t even know that there is such a thing as a personal chart, let alone how to go about understanding it.

You see, a birth-chart won’t just contain your star sign (the sign your Sun is in), it contains all twelve signs. It won’t just contain your Sun either, but also your Moon, and all the planets of the solar system.

It will also contain your rising sign, all the angles of your chart, plus the houses and aspects.
And all you’ll need to hand are three bits of information – in order to build it.

Unlike star signs that split the world into 12 groups of people, your birth-chart will be in a configuration that is unique to you – no one else.

Interested!? You can find out more about this course below and in the sidebar…


About the tutor

Some Inspiration - Francis O'Neill image
Francis O’Neill

I’m a professional astrologer and teacher – and have been for many years. I have diplomas in the subject through two astrology schools based in the UK.

My desire is to encourage people to study their astrological birth-chart as a self-development tool. I happen to believe, it is the best ancient tool for achieving self knowledge/self understanding on the planet.

I hope to see you on the course.

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What Will You Learn?

  • To become familiar with all key components of a Western astrological birth-chart.
  • To be able to interpret all key components – the zodiac signs, planets, angles, houses and aspects – of a birth-chart; especially your own chart, and other charts provided on the course.
  • To be able to carry out a simple to intermediate reading of your birth-chart – and (optional) other charts provided on the course.
  • The course also provides a springboard towards exploring astrology further as a hobby or towards a profession in Western astrology.
  • You'll have access to the materials for as long as you need.

Course Content

Course introduction
Introduction to the course and to the birth-chart

  • 1. Course introduction
  • 2. Introducing the Birth-chart

Step 1 Learn to read the Signs

Step 2 Learn to read the Planets
Covers the ten planets. Important: If attempting quizzes 2, 3, 4 you will first need to access the PDF of Charts for Step 2 Quizzes and Homework. You'll find this file under Step 2 Part 3 video (see under Exercise Files).

Step 3 Learn to read the Angles & Houses

Step 4 Learn to read the Birth-chart

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4 weeks ago
This course is brilliant - I am so enjoying it! You want to learn astrology and read birth charts, try this course.

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