DIY Essentials Astrology course

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About Course

DIY Essentials astrology course

The DIY Essentials astrology course provides all you’ll need to get to grips with and be able to read a modern Western birth-chart.

girl with book and coffee imageFrom advice on software to learning about the planets, their aspects, the signs, angles and houses, the course covers all the essentials.

And what to do with this new found knowledge is covered through clear and structured guidance on how to read birth-charts.

What is on offer is Western natal astrology. Be assured that what is publicly known of this art bears small resemblance to what you will discover on the course.

Who this course is for…

This course is for you if:

  • You are an absolute beginner and need to become conversant on proper astrology. But don’t sign up unless astrology really grabs your interest, and you are able to commit to a proper study of it.
  • You do seriously want to learn Western natal astrology and make use of the skills you can gain by doing so. 
  • You are already on the road to becoming a professional astrologer and want to round out your knowledge and skills.
  • You are already a professional astrologer in need of a refresher.

This DIY Essentials professional astrology course is only £97.00.


Beyond Your Star Sign course (alternative)

Need to begin on something simpler?

The DIY Essentials course is intended to be exciting, an adventure, but it is also demanding. Studying astrology at this level is demanding for most people, especially if starting out from having just general knowledge based on star signs (Sun-signs).

If you are in any doubt, consider taking the Beyond Your Star Sign course to begin with.

The Beyond Your Star Sign course  is only £9.97.

Alternatively, if you have already done that course, the DIY Essentials course will be your next obvious step if you wish to take things further.


Some Inspiration - Francis O'Neill image
Francis O’Neill

About the course tutor

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What Will You Learn?

  • To become familiar and conversant with all key astrological components, and the workings of modern Western natal astrology, to a professional level.
  • To be able to interpret all key components - of the zodiac signs, planets, angles, houses and aspects.
  • To be able to carry out readings of birth-charts - developing reading skills from fundamental to a professional level.
  • To be aware of controversial topics surrounding Western astrology.
  • The course also provides: An excellent springboard towards studying astrology further as a hobby or profession.
  • Also includes: Certificate of Completion. Advice on software to buy or for free (includes demonstration of two programs). Lifelong access to resources.

Course Content

Course Introduction
Covers: Introduction to the course | Includes advice or accessing own birth-chart on the Web or constructing it using free or paid for software.

  • Introduction Part 1
  • Introduction Part 2

Module 1: What is Proper Astrology?
Covers: What is proper astrology? | Western Natal Astrology - with the birth-chart of Mozart | Agatha Christie's birth-chart | The backstory to Western astrology. There is also a Module 1 Quiz.

Module 2: Getting Around the Zodiac
Covers: Two zodiacs and the Age of Aquarius | Typical sign descriptions | The zodiac signs matrix | The running order of the signs | Interpreting the zodiac signs

Module 3: The Planets Suite
Includes: An astronomical overview | Planet rulership | The personal planets | The intermediate planets | The transpersonal planets | The aspects.

Module 4: An Angle on The Houses
Includes: Astronomy behind the houses | The angles | Ascending signs | Midheaven signs | The twelve houses | The planets in houses.

Module 5: Reading the Birth-chart
Includes: Rudimentary tips on reading a birth-chart | Including chart patterns | A more comprehensive approach | Example birth-chart | Report on example birth-chart | Practice exercises.

Module 6: You Need to Know This…
Six articles (written for the course) around the topic of Western astology - some controversial. Plus: Where to next...

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