So what is The Secret and LoA next step?

Article by Francis O’Neill

Given you have seen ‘The Secret’ movie, and have ever since been wrestling with getting the Law of Attraction (LoA) to work for you, then you really ought to watch the following two videos on “The Secret and LoA next step,” to help clarify things and take things further. [ The Secret and LoA Next Step ]

One claims to better explain what lay behind The Secret and the other draws on deleted scenes from the same movie.

Both are useful educational videos offering some great insight and advice. I thought it would be worth bringing them together, and I hope you will enjoy and find them useful to you.

1. Beyond ‘The Secret’

Uploaded by Christian Simpson – who features in the video

Christian Simpson features alongside Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Paul Martinelli, Mary Morrissey, Steve Siebold and Ricki Byers Beckwith in this powerful, life-changing, self-improvement movie. Often referred to, incorrectly, as the official follow up to the 2006 movie ‘The Secret,’ Beyond the Secret gives far more practical and detailed insight into strategies for personal and professional success.

2. The Secret’s Deleted Scenes

It’s ‘Karma’ by any other name

Something I want to say here though regards the Law of Attraction. A number of people probably claim to be the source for the current wave of interest in the LoA. The idea of the LoA however is much older. It occurs for example in the esoteric writings of the Theosophist movement – with Madame Blavatsky and her followers (late 19th early 20th century). Yes they were talking of it all the way back then. [ The Secret and LoA Next Step ]

And there are earlier accounts. But if you really want ancient, then consider checking out the Hindu and Buddhist scripts. They speak of the Law of Attraction aka the Law of Karma… Yes that’s right – it’s karma by any other name. Are you surprised at that link!?

Think about it, a law is a law no matter how you dress it or name it – and it’s not in place just so you and I can get a nicer house or more dosh – although make no mistake I’m up for that – no, if you look deep enough you’ll see it has spiritual consequences too. And that really is the next step we all need to consider.

We live in exciting times…

Uploaded by TheArtOfTheSecret

Book recommendation

A great book recommended to me by my partner – which I found to be one of the best I’ve read for LoA insight, and refer to it for inspiration – is Lynn Grabhorn’s Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. So if you still need more help – get it on Amazon today – click the image and zap!

Please leave your comments – I’d love to hear your views on LoA.

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