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Spiritual Life Stories - Dennis Moorby imageConscious TV interviews of two people who gave up their successful careers – one a business executive, the other an author and restaurateur – in London, in search of spiritual fulfilment…

Dennis Moorby – Freedom Through Path Of The Jhanas

Dennis Moorby was a successful business executive in London when he went with a friend to India and looked into the eyes of his friend’s Guru. He saw a really happy man with sparkling eyes. [ Spiritual Life Stories ]

Things changed. He returned home to find his wife of 17 years wanted to leave him and he was no longer motivated to do his high powered job. He then went on a spiritual adventure which culminated in his moving into an apartment in a small German village. There he spent 18 months meditating for 8 hours a day working through the path of the Jhanas as outlined by Ayya Khema, until he found freedom…

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Alan Budge – Challenges of The Spiritual Path

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Author of For God’s Sake, Alan Budge describes this book as the true story of his tragi-comic quest for spiritual enlightenment.

He says how he gave up on the entirely godless realm of would-be smart London restaurants, and journeyed widely through India, China, Tibet, and importantly parts of West Yorkshire. He worked for various would-be deeply spiritual organisations on his travels. His unflinching quest for truth led, however, to a far from enlightened descent into alcoholism and misery. But then after sobering up he began to ponder: ‘What is really at the heart of all this spiritual carry-on? Can it be of any use, given the challenges we face?’ [ Spiritual Life Stories ]

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