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Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Make time for Massage imageEveryone loves the luxury of getting a massage

Whether it’s a special treat during that elusive tropical vacation, part of a medical rehabilitation program for an athletic injury, or to fight off pain, the reasons people seek out massage therapy vary greatly.

Massage techniques

There are a number of common massage techniques employed by massage therapists.

These techniques include shiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, hot stone, sports, aromatherapy, prenatal, lymphatic, and reflexology massages. [ Make Time for Massage ]

Each technique focuses on different ways to target your body’s muscles, and the massage type you choose will depend on your reason for getting a massage in the first place.


Trying to relax? Try a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage. Need help alleviating ongoing, persistent pain? [ Make Time for Massage ]

Try trigger point massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, or if the pain is brought on by labor, a prenatal massage. Some forms of massage are believed to be as effective for relieving pain as medication.

Steps to ensure the most from your massage

There are steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your massage, too. Don’t eat before going to your massage, alert your massage therapist to any allergies, and...

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