Music for Heart n Soul 8 – Music is in the Ether

by Francis O’Neill

This post, music is in the Ether, describes a vivid dream that I experienced two years before Jean Michel Jarre brought out Oxygene

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Turn up the speakers…

In a previous post I was talking of hearing music in my dreams. In this post I want to tell you of a powerful dream I had, way back in 1974, that also involved some music.

Looking back it gave me the thought that music is in the ether and composer/performers – such as my partner Annie – possibly tune into it and draw it out.

The dream

In this dream I went back to my childhood home to visit my mother. The village she lived in (actually in Leicestershire, UK) was an island sourrounded by the sea. All the roads were rivers – but Venice it wasn’t.

This situation was completely natural and normal to me in the dream. I rowed up Central Avenue to her house and went in to have tea with her. It was great catching up with her.

While I was there I could hear music playing and I asked her where it was coming from. She had no idea but thought it was coming from the East Avenue direction. For whatever reason (partly because it sounded so beautiful) I decided I would go and investigate.

Back in my boat, I rowed up to the crossroads and turned left up East Avenue – the fact I was now rowing uphill was of little consequence – the current was the same on all rivers. As I came to the brow of the hill it also turned out to be the edge of the village island.

The music had now stopped. I could see the sea, the tide had gone out. In the middle distance I could see a man and his dog walking along the beach.

It was all quiet, calm and serene

The Tower

To my right, across a small field, I now noticed, a wooden tower, very similar to a forest fire lookout tower and probably some 30 feet high. I considered it odd in my dream, that I’d never noticed it before.1 I had a suspicion that the music might be coming from this tower and so I went to investigate.

At the tower, I climbed a ladder and came up to a door. As I opened it I was met with bright light.

I had come in from the back of the tower. At the front was an enormous picture window letting all the light in, and facing the seaside. Just below the window was a large array of electronic equipment, mixing consoles and monitors.

There was also a figure standing over this array. Against the light I could only make a silhouette of a tall robed figure.

Meeting Peter and his music

Without even turning he greeted me by using my first name. I asked him who he was and how he knew me. He said he was Peter and that he just did know me – which I simply accepted. I stayed at the back of the room. At this point the figure, still with his back to me, turned a few knobs on the console. The music began again…

It suddenly dawned on me why this tower might be facing the sea. I moved forward to get a better view through the window. Sure enough, it was as I suspected; the sea was now moving again, and the tide had begun rolling in. Peter’s music was controlling the sea and tide.

Shock two years later

My dream ended at this point. So vivid that I had to write it down. But it didn’t all quite end there as two years later I had the shock of my life when I heard Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene – Part 1. It carried the very same music I had heard in my dream.

Wow! It is a beautiful album and has always had a special place for me ever since.

Here’s the whole enchilada…

Oxygène 1-13 (Jean-Michel Jarre)

Uploaded by Jaguar Prune

Had any vivid dreams yourself that you want to share?  Leave a comment below…

1 In life this area was once a greyhound track having a small tower where commentary on races was made from.

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