The Compatibility Astrological Report

This report is based on the astrology technique of Synastry. A comparison is made between the horoscopes of two people and the correlations between the two charts are then interpreted. [ Compatibility Astrological Report ]

The report

Compatibility Astrological Report | Synastry Report | 3D imageFirst part: The first part of the report analyses the mix of Qualities and Elements between you, to give a general indication of your modes of behaviour.

Second part: The second part looks at the placements of each other’s planets in one another’s natal houses. This indicates how you influence each other in the areas of life represented by the houses – as occupied by one another’s planets.

Third part: The third part interprets the inter-aspects between your two charts. This shows how you relate to each other. These interpretations can be either positive, that easily support the relationship; others may be challenging. [ Compatibility Astrological Report ]

Your Synastry report reveals your areas of harmony and compatibility as well as your areas of tension and conflict. Hold in mind that human relationships are complex and contradictions often occur in the interpretation.

You will find there is a lot to read and take in, in this report. All of it will be found to be useful information regarding throwing light on your relationship.

Key requirements

Key requirements for this are: the names of the two people involved, their time, date and place of birth. The more accurate the information supplied for each, the better.

Important: If the time of birth for either person is uncertain I would suggest you do not go ahead and request this report. Much emphasis is placed on the Houses, of both birthcharts, and without accurate times for each there will be a degree of uncertainty creeping into the interpretation.

Regards requirements, see also General Guidance Notes below.

What you receive

The Compatibility Report includes: A copy of each person’s birthchart; together with interpretation of the chart’s components (this also includes notes on what components to give immediate focus to), plus astrological terms and their meanings in a nutshell.

The report is approx., twenty pages long, with personal touch comments and finish. It is produced in MS Word, in A4 format, complete with table of contents. The whole is supplied in an Adobe PDF file – that can be read on most devices. [ Compatibility Astrological Report ]

To request a Compatibility Report please go to the order form below.
Price £24.99

Ordering a report

Two step process: 1. Fill in an order form, and 2. purchase your report.

To order your report do the following:

1. Fill in the order form below (see the Guidance Notes to help you do so) regarding the birth data of the persons the report is for, and click the Submit button.

Guidance Notes

All reports: On purchase a confirmation will be sent to you, via email. The report will then be produced and sent, in PDF format, to the email address as supplied via PayPal. Please allow for 24 hours turnaround for each report ordered.

Date of birth: A reminder; please use the (UK) day/month/year format as requested in the form. This will help enormously to avoid any serious mixup on date

Time of birth: Please provide local time of birth as given, in the form of 24 hour clock (e.g. 21:51). If the actual time of birth is not immediately known, it can sometimes be found on the birth certificate or via relative/s. If not known, enter 12:00 in the time box. A general 12 noon time will then be used to construct the chart, with the date of birth provided. The resulting report will draw on the planets and signs of the birthchart. The houses will not feature in the interpretation for reason that their value is inextricably linked to the time of birth being exact, or as near exact as possible.

Place of birth: Please provide country of birth and location. This is required to ascertain longitude and latitude of the birth. If born in a small village, that may be hard to locate, please also provide the nearest town to help with locating correct longitude and latitude.

House system: Please note the default house system used in all products is the Koch House system. This is the system that we find works best. If you are familiar with another house system, and prefer to have this instead, please indicate your preferred house system in the Further Comment box.

Adult or child: If you wish to leave a comment about this, in the Further Comment box on the form, please do so. The date of birth will, in anycase, be used to determine age. Anyone under the age of 16 will be considered a child.

To order your report, please enter details below. All fields except "optional" required.

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2. Next, click the Add to Cart button to purchase your report. The transaction is carried out via PayPal. Your transaction will appear in the Add to Cart selections at the top of the page.

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Compatibility Report Price £24.99

The report will be sent to the email address, as supplied via PayPal. Normally please allow for 24 hours turnaround.

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